QLC+ 4.11.0 release

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QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by mcallegari » Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:55 pm

QLC+ 4.11.0 is here. After 6 months of reworks, improvements and bugfixing, here it is, the 40th release of the QLC+ project.

This is probably the version that received the highest number of community contributions, so really big thanks to all those users wearing their developer hat who helped improving QLC+ !

The efforts are always towards stability and efficiency, however we don't miss a chance to include new features and helpers.

In sparse order, here's what to expect from 4.11.0:
  • a major change on Sequences (as anticipated here). They always caused a lot of confusion among users, and with this version, I hope it'll become clearer how they work and how to use them. Basically now they look like every other QLC+ function and Scenes bound to Sequences are hidden to avoid their improper use. Since the rework has been quite invasive, existing projects using Sequences should be migrated using the online (or offline) migration tool available here.
  • Virtual Console Sliders with level monitoring enabled can now act like Simple Desk sliders, thus overriding the DMX channel levels
  • improved linked crossfade on Cue Lists. Now it behaves like you probably expected for a long time
  • Virtual Console Frame pages can now have direct shortcuts and custom names
  • almost 100 new fixtures ! This is an amazing example of an active community, so thanks to everyone who submitted their fixtures
  • fixed crashes in a few areas
  • Windows, macOS and the Raspberry Pi image are now bundling Qt 5.9.0 LTS (the one we'll probably use with QLC+ 5)
  • Linux official package is still built against Qt4 (:cry:) and from this version there will be only a 64bit package. I have abandoned 32bit cause it's going to disappear from distros anyway and because it costs me more effort to maintain. If you really need 32bit builds, please use the ones provided by OBS (links in the download page)
@Raspberry users: the email you received was meant to have a subject like "QLC+ Raspberry Pi version 20170624". Sorry about that. :confounded:

  • engine: fixed setting start/end color while a RGB Matrix is running
  • engine: fixed crash when pausing a Show with an unavailable audio file
  • engine: major rework of Sequences. Projects using them need to be migrated
  • UI: enabled Alt key combinations on macOS to behave like other platforms (thanks to Matt Mayfield)
  • UI/RGB Panel: added panel direction (thanks to Raivis Rengelis)
  • UI/Fixture Manager: added weight and power consumption information on fixtures/universe selection (Chris de Rock idea)
  • UI/Scene Editor: preserve fixture tab order when fixtures with no channels set are present
  • UI/RGB Matrix Editor: allow the preview to run even in operate mode
  • UI/Audio Editor: added the possibility to loop an audio file (thanks to Raivis Rengelis)
  • UI/Simple Desk: fixed crash when changing values from a channel group in "fixtures view" mode
  • Virtual Console: prevent unwanted feedbacks from widgets in inactive Frame pages (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Virtual Console: fixed manual selection of input channels not considering Frame pages (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Virtual Console: fixed input profiles channels not honored on frame pages other than the first (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: improved level monitoring with the possibility to act like a Simple Desk slider (see documentation)
  • Virtual Console/Frame: fixed 4.10.5b regression disabling widgets when switching page in design mode
  • Virtual Console/Frame: fixed key controls not copied when cloning a frame (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Virtual Console/Frame: added the possibility to jump directly to a page and assign page names (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: improved linked crossfade to perform an additive blending between steps (see documentation)
  • Virtual Console/Speed Dial: improved tap button blinking and feedbacks (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Virtual Console/Speed Dial: it is now possible to copy/paste factors (thanks to Jan Dahms)
  • Virtual Console/Clock: added external input support for countdown and stopwatch modes (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • Plugins/OSC: added channel number calculator in configuration page to help integrating new controllers
  • Plugins/Loopback: fixed spurious values emitted when a lot of channels are looped
  • Web access: fixed VC Slider in percentage mode and inverted appearance (thanks to Bartosz Grabias)
  • Web access: support VC Slider reduced range when in level mode
  • Web access: improved getChannelsValues and added Simple Desk reset per-channel (sdResetChannel API)
  • Web access: implemented keypad increase/decrease buttons (thanks to Santiago Benejam Torres)
  • New input profile: Zoom R16 (thanks to Benedict Stein)
  • New MIDI template: Akai APC40 MK2 Ableton mode (thanks to Branson Matheson)
  • New fixture: American DJ FREQ 5 Strobe (thanks to Martin Bochenek)
  • New fixture: Martin Rush MH3 (thanks to Ed Middlebrooks)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED ACS BAR-12 (thanks to Michael Horber)
  • New fixtures: Martin Rush MH6 Wash, Cameo Studio PAR 64 RGBWA UV 12W (thanks to Piotr Nowik)
  • New fixtures: ETEC Moving Spot 60E, Cameo CLM PAR COB 1, Showtec Compact Power Lightset COB (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixture: Stairville Tri Flat PAR Profile 5x3W RGB (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixture: American DJ Punch LED Pro (thanks to Benedict Stein)
  • New fixtures: Contest Mini-Head 10W, Contest Evora B2R (thanks to Fredje Gallon)
  • New fixture: Robe DJ Scan 150 XT (thanks to Allan Madsen)
  • New fixtures: Futurelight PRO Slim PAR-12 HCL, PRO Slim PAR-12 MK2 HCL, Showtec Power Spot 9 Q5 (thanks to Lukas Jähn)
  • New fixture: Showtec XS-1W Mini Moving Beam (thanks to Habefaro)
  • New fixtures: Stage Right Stage Wash 18Wx18 LED PAR, Stage Right 7x20W COB LED Theater PAR (thanks to Collin Ong)
  • New fixture: Cameo CLPIXBAR450PRO, CLPIXBAR650PRO (thanks to Jean-Daniel Garcia & Jeremie Odermatt)
  • New fixture: Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500 (thanks to Louis Gutenschwager)
  • New fixture: Stairville AFH-600 (thanks to Hannes Braun)
  • New fixture: Involight LED MH77S (thanks to Jászberényi Szabolcs)
  • New fixtures: ETEC LED PAR 64 18x10W RGBWA, LED PAR 64 18x15W RGBWA Zoom (thanks to Simon Orlob)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Swarm Wash FX (thanks to Stephen Olah)
  • New fixture: Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 575 (thanks to Rohmer)
  • New fixture: Robe LED Blinder 196LT (thanks to Tim Cullingworth)
  • New fixture: Chauvet COLORband T3 USB (thanks to Ian Nault)
  • New fixtures: American DJ Dotz Matrix, Martin Jem Compact Hazer Pro,Geni Mojo Spin Master Series (thanks to Sam Brooks)
  • New fixture: American DJ XS 400 (thanks to Jared)
  • New fixture: Velleman VDP1500SM (thanks to Freddy Hoogstoel)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC (thanks to Michael Clements)
  • New fixture: CLF Tricolor Mini Par (thanks to Jaron Blazer)
  • New fixture: Varytec LED Easy Move Mini Beam & Wash RGBW (thanks to Erik)
  • New fixtures: Smoke Factory Tour-Hazer II, JB Systems Panther, Robe Spot 160 XT (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixture: American DJ LED Trispot (thanks to Patrick)
  • New fixtures: Contest STB-520 1500W Strobe, Elumen8 COB Tri 4 Pixel Batten, Briteq Tornado 7 (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: American DJ 5P Hex, Pro-Lights Moonstone, Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 140SR (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Robe Robin DLX Spot (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixture: ETC ColorSource PAR (thanks to Jon Rosen)
  • New fixture: lightmaXX 5ive STAR LED (thanks to Thomas Weber)
  • New fixture: Talent BL252A (thanks to Massimiliano Palmieri)
  • New fixtures: Showtec: Infinity iW-1915, Infinity XPLO-15 LED Strobe (thanks to Daniele Fogale)
  • New fixtures: Showtec: Infinity iB-5R, Compact Par 18 MKII, Phantom 20 LED Beam (thanks to Nicolò Zanon)
  • New fixture: Griven Gobostorm Plus MK2 (thanks to Attilio Bongiorni)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Freedom Stick (thanks to Jay Szewczyk)
  • New fixture: Eurolite TMH-14, Chauvet Intimidator Trio (thanks to Chris de Rock)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Scorpion Dual (thanks to Alan Chavis)
  • New fixture: American DJ Ultra Hex Bar 12 (thanks to Rhavin)
  • New fixture: Equinox Photon
  • New fixture: QTX MHS-60 (thanks to Nerijus Mongirdas)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED TMH FE-600, MARQ Colormax Par64, Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED PAR System (thanks to Klaus Muth)
  • New fixture: Chauvet SlimPar Hex 6 (thanks to Yinon Sahar)
  • New fixture: IMG Stageline PARL 20 DMX (thanks to Felix Pickenäcker)
  • New fixtures: Pro-Lights SmartBatHEX, Fury FY250W, Fury FY250S (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • New fixture: American DJ Ikon Profile (thanks to Ham Sadler)
  • New fixture: HQ Power Aeron Wash 575, JB Systems Space Color Laser (thanks to Ricardo Mendes)
  • New fixture: American DJ VPar (thanks to Eric Eskam)
  • New fixtures: MARQ Gesture Beam/Wash 102, Colormax Bat, Gesture Spot 100 (thanks to John Yiannikakis)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet COLORado 3P, Legend 330SR Spot, SlimPar HEX 3 (thanks to Kevin Zepp)
  • New fixture: American DJ Mini Dekker (thanks to Chris Davis)
  • New fixtures: American DJ Vizi BSW 300, Blizzard Lighting Flurry 5 (thanks to George Qualley)
  • New fixtures: Pro-Lights PIXIEWASH, Accent1Q, CromoSpot300 (thanks to Tolmino Muccitelli)
  • New fixtures: Involight LED MH50S, LED PAR 180, SBL 2000 (thanks to Facek)
  • New fixture: Pro-Lights Miniruby (thanks to Dario Gonzalez)
  • New fixture: Sagitter Smart DL Wash (thanks to Simu)
  • New fixtures: Eurolite LED THA-250F, Pro-Lights StudioCOBFC (thanks to Andrea Ugolini)
  • New fixture: American DJ Stinger Spot (thanks to Jason R. Johnston)
  • New fixture: Stairville Blade Sting 8 RGBW Beam Mover

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Re: QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by nedmech » Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:45 pm

Thanks, Massimo! Been anticipating this for a while now. I really appreciate all your hard work on this project!

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Re: QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by Herewith » Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:29 pm

Bugs: ???
1.Sequence: Backward not working if selected "single shot".
2.Button matrix: If you add 1 pages with option to clone first page widgets, than this option goes to disabled and if you trying to add more pages after some time, new pages not cloning first page widgets.
3. Click and go not working. When you trying to click on gobo/effect/macro it's update picture, but not dmx.
It's by cool to hawe:
1. Option to hawe only click & Go button without knob or slider. Or just in widget appearance let to disable it :D
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Re: QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by filipek.o » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:56 pm

It crashes when i try to resize window on mavericks 10.9.5 :/

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Re: QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by EddyC1 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:01 am

After installing software crashes on startup (MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.7.5). It always works with the beta versions of QLC+ 4.11.

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Re: QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by mcallegari » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:15 am

EddyC1 wrote:
Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:01 am
After installing software crashes on startup (MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.7.5). It always works with the beta versions of QLC+ 4.11.
Which "beta" (test) version ?
I think Qt 5.9.0 now requires macOS 10.10 or newer. MacOS 10.7 is 7 years old now...

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Re: QLC+ 4.11.0 release

Post by EddyC1 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:13 am

mcallegari wrote:
Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:15 am
EddyC1 wrote:
Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:01 am
After installing software crashes on startup (MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.7.5). It always works with the beta versions of QLC+ 4.11.
Which "beta" (test) version ?
I think Qt 5.9.0 now requires macOS 10.10 or newer. MacOS 10.7 is 7 years old now...
With the beta version I means the test version of QLC+ 4.11. I understand that at a certain point old operating systems aren't support anymore. I just want to signalize that with the test version it works and the definitive version works not. For me it's not a problem. I use different versions of Mac OS X. But I still also use MacOS 10.7 because it's such a stable version for all my software. So I must think to upgrade …

By the way, Massimo thank you and the community for putting so much work in this awesome piece of software.

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