QLC+ 4.10.1 release

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QLC+ 4.10.1 release

Post by mcallegari » Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:10 pm

Alright, this is the version I meant to release 3 days ago.
Unfortunately last minute changes introduced a few regressions, and the lack of time and tests contributed to ruin the previous release.

The most affected users were the Raspberry Pi and the Linux ones. Sorry about that !
Everyone is invited to use this version and we're excited to receive feedbacks on the lots of new features !
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: improved step fader behaviour (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: Fixed regression affecting Linux users and OSX users using the libFTDI interface
  • Plugins/ArtNet/E1.31/OSC: Improved network interfaces detection
  • New fixture: Enterius EC-133DMX (thanks to Krzysztof Ratynski)
  • New fixture: Showtec Dragon F-350 (thanks to Jasper Zevering)
  • New fixtures: JB Systems Lounge Laser DMX, JB Systems Super Solar RGBW (thanks to Robert Box)

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