Rasp Pi 3 Install and Performance

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Rasp Pi 3 Install and Performance

Post by cas » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:43 pm


Just looking an the opportunity of the Rasp Pi, as cheaper for the project, if I setup the entire show file on another computer will this work to make slight edits to cues or if I use standard colours for lighting and positions will this work,

only got 6 LED, 4 generic freshnels (dmx dimmer) and 1 or 2 pinspots. not a big setup.

How can I build the system on a rasp pi, also will the rasp pi work with Enttec OpenUSB and a Midi Controller (AKAI Mini).......mostly will all run from a built in monitor, but how how I go about connecting it to a tablet web browser etc, as I like this as can setup at back and take the tablet with me. if needing to do certain tasks.

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