Robe Spiider

Request a fixture definition here
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Robe Spiider

Post by Remotes » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:16 pm

I worked on the fixture definition for the Robe Spiider.
(161.05 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
I'm just not sure i did it the right way, that's why:
1) this moving head works either in RGBW and in CMY, the only way I see to implement this is by making a RGBW and a CMY version of each mode;
2) in some modes you can control the background, the flower effect, the internal pattern generator and every single pixel all at the same time, to make this possible I decided to insert the background, the flower effect and the pattern effect each as a head, it creates a little bit of confusion, I know, how could I do that better?
3) as specified in point #2, there are many effects working together, in some case with dedicated dimmer and shutter channels only for the specific effect, i noticed that this makes some little issue working with RGB Matrices with the automatic dimmer control enabled because this function works on the first dimmer channel it founds in the fixture (and, obviously, that's not the master dimmer).

I would be grateful to anyone who would like to check the fixture attached and suggest me how to make it better.

Thank you!

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