Help needed making definition for Eliminator ED-15 dimmer pack

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Help needed making definition for Eliminator ED-15 dimmer pack

Post by hiroo » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:21 pm

Hi, I'm pretty new at this so want some help making this definition for the Eliminator Lighting ED-15 dimmer/switch pack.

Product Info:

User Manual: ... 7/ed15.pdf

The manual doesn't contain any DMX channel information, but I requested the below information from the manufacturer. The part I'm not sure how to do is how to specify the alternate modes. There are 4 power channels on the unit. Channels 1-2 together and/or Channels 3-4 together can be set to either be switched (turn full on/off) or dimmed (variable voltage) via DIP switch setting. Switching would be used for LED lights and Dimming would be used for Halogen's. How should the definition be set up to accommodate the switching or dimming options?

I'm also not sure what category of definition this should be. I see Dimmer as a category but nothing for switching. The idea here is to use the QLC to turn on/off the LED units so the fans are not running 24/7.

Feel free to explain or go ahead and create a definition that I can use and learn from. Thanks!

DMX definition info:
the ED15 is 4 channels of DMX and the traits are below.

Dimming Mode:
Channel 1, (0% = off)-(100% = full on)
Channel 2, (0% = off)-(100% = full on)
Channel 3, (0% = off)-(100% = full on)
Channel 4, (0% = off)-(100% = full on)

Switching Mode:
in the switch mode 0%-49% is OFF for all 4 channels and ON starts at 50%-100% for all 4 channels.

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Re: Help needed making definition for Eliminator ED-15 dimmer pack

Post by siegmund » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:39 pm


we're talking about a dimmer pack, for which in most cases you won't create a new definition and only use the generic dimmer template with 4 channels.
Anyway: what about creating two modes for this fixture: one for dimming and one for switching? I'm not quite sure if this will pass the fixture validator but maybe it's worth a try.


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