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Animation widget

Post by siegmund » Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:14 pm

Hi guys,

I played around with the animation widget and came across a behavior I'm not sure if this is as expected or I simply don't get the principle of RGB animations.
Please have a look at the attached workspace:
The "RED" slider controls a scene which makes all 4 generic RGBs red. The animation is set to mask.
- When rising the RED slider, everything is okay, the Heads get red
- Rising the animation slider works as expected too, the animation begins
- Then if you put the "RED" slider to 0 and then back up, all 4 fixtures getting red, although the animation is still up and running. I would not expect this to happen. My expectation was to animate the fixtures after pulling up the RED slider again.

Hope this is clear enough and I didn't got something wrong. Could someone please explain if (why) this is a normal behavior or a bug?

Using latest automated GIT build for Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit Qt5.
I'm not able to test this with a later QLC+ version at the moment, but could give it a try in a couple of hours.

Thanks in advance!
RGB matrice.qxw
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