Cue list improvements

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Michael Clements

Cue list improvements

Post by Michael Clements » Thu May 30, 2013 12:30 pm

Thanks for posting you example desk Chris – always good to see how other people do things. The fact that cue list displays the fade times certainly has its uses (especially if the fade times can be made to count down during a crossfade).

If I understand you correctly, in your current show you have a cue list with 45 steps and some scenes are re-used at different cues (say 12,17, 39) as you work down the list.

Until the cue list is reworked I would have 45 buttons in the same order and for buttons 12, 17 and 39 I would have the same scene cloned 3 times and saved under (slightly) different names. (Avoids having buttons with the same function attached which would go on and off together).

The virtual console shown in the "Example concert desk" was specifically designed for an inexperienced (but alert!) operator to keep track of the cues – it's been tested several times and has worked well.

You are, of course, right that using buttons is slower than using the spacebar as the "go" control in a cue list, hence the suggestion of being able to tab between buttons with (say) the spacebar.

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Re: Cue list improvements

Post by Pnut » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:48 pm

Is there a solution to the skipping a que other than lots of buttons as the next button we have is mapped to akai mini button for easy operation but if the stage manager misses a que I cannot skip to what they want without playing all the intermediate steps. Showtime in a few weeks and this is a big issue so any help greatfully received.

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Re: Cue list improvements

Post by GGGss » Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:58 am

I see you are posting your questions everywhere... please don't.

In traditional programmed lightning desks 'a step over' can't be programmed either in live conditions (unless you know the previous (current) and next scene number).

Did you try to use 2 cue lists next to each other?
One following normal go's and cue's (the live-stack)
The other one is an exact copy of that (bypass-stack). So when during the play a cue is lost or stepped-over you switch from the live cue-stack to the bypass-stack...
I didn't try it yet - it's what came up in my mind solving your problem.

The problems I can think of is timing & dimming issues, activating and deactivating live-cue-stack vs bypass-stack. Having the 2 cue-stacks following each other, ... and so on.
Try it - you'll see
Question you should ask yourself: IF a cue is skipped (unforseen) does the lightning plan have to be that powerfull? So every cue will have to programmed with the idea that something unforseen WILL happen. I think the audience won't notice 2 fast cue's in succesion - they will notice the strange looks on the faces of the actors.

My 2 cents
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