size and position in kiosk mode

The issues found when using the Virtual Console
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size and position in kiosk mode

Post by Sjorre » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:52 am

Hi there,
In the venue where I work, we have movies once a week. In order to keep the control room as empty as possible and to avoid having to move our lighting desk, I tried to have a simple "houselights fade out-fade in" button on the computer that also commands the projector. The computer is connected to the dimmers by means of a Enttec DMX USB pro.
Very simple : only one cue telling the dmx addresses of the houselights to fade in and out five seconds. One button in the virtual console to activate the cue. Resize the screen so it's as big as the button itself. Open the workspace in kiosk mode. (Target : C:\QLC+\qlcplus.exe -k -o tut.qxw)
The problem is that -when running the kiosk mode- the window will always open with the same size in the center of the screen. Running in normal mode, I can resize the window and have it in the position where I want it to be (right upper corner), and QLC+ will remember. Unfortunately not in kiosk mode. I've tried this on several computers, all running on different versions of Windows.

All my gratitude to study my problem, and even more to solve it.
Kind regards, Sjorre
QLC+ screenshots.jpg
screenshot of the virtual console how I want it (above) and how it appears after closing and re opening.(underneath)
The showfile, "tut.qxw"
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