Not updating OSC or MIDI

The issues found when using the Virtual Console
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Re: Not updating OSC or MIDI

Post by floger » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:41 pm

The fader movement from the web is now distributed to the remotes.
One thing I forgot to mention: Also when clicking to a fader position on the virtual console, the remote faders don't move. But it works when you click in the web interface. The main fader works fine.

The thing that still doesn't work is the feedback after fader movement of a BCF2000 in Mackie control mode. But this mode doesn't seem to work properly anyway, because of this strange increment/decrement of the encoder, and that the return values are completely different MIDI controllers. Can this be implemented at all with the current structure? Because currently input and ouput controller are always the same. This is also no complaining! Just interest.
The BCF2000 works fine in the standard mode, after some tweaking of the buttons.

BTW, when playing around with the profile for the BCF, I found, that the pitch bend is correctly set, when you select it in the drop down. But when pitch bend is selected, it always jumps to "beat clock: beat".

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