Mistranslation in DMX-Monitor

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Mistranslation in DMX-Monitor

Post by mitscherdinger » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:23 pm


There is something wrong in the german translation of the monitor view:
If I set LANG=C, start up qlcplus and add a fixture, I get two options in the 2D view of the monitor regarding the size units: Meters and Feet.
If I use my system language, which is german, I get the units "Messungen" and "Fuß". "Fuß" is okay (although noone would use "feet" as a unit in german speaking countries :) ) but "Messungen" means "measurements" which doesn't make any sense.

It should say "Meter" according to the english translation "meters".

Had this in my mind for years, now, but it never really bothered me - in the 2D-view you always get meters as default - you needn't change anything. Took some time to realize there is another option, and - of course - that it should mean something different...

Long story short: Please change that. :)


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