Qlcplus crashes caused by Qt5Widgets.dll

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Qlcplus crashes caused by Qt5Widgets.dll

Post by Gusten » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:34 am

I am totaly new in this, and i have just started experementing with this, so bare with me.

I have installed Q Light 4.11.1 and i have only one ficture at the moment, i am using eurolite USB-DMX512-PRO and running the software on a PC with windows 10

I get sporadic crash of the software and its not when i do something particular but it can crash in differnt areas of the program.

I get a pop up saying qlcplus.exe has stoped working and a nother popup saying Runtime Error!, Program: C:\QLC+\qlcplus.exe

When i look in the windows log i can see the crash (This is an translation from my native laguage swedish)

The error was in program with nae: qlcplus.exe, verison, timestamp 0x59f4a8b0
, The error started in module named: QtWidgets.dll, verison, timestamp 0x5842e52f

I attached the error report

Anyone know how to prevent this?

This is hapening after i few minutes of use


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