Random Colors Stuck at Value

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Random Colors Stuck at Value

Post by sandinak » Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:10 pm

First "Hi" ;) New to this tool but not DMX in general.... also a coder who's gonna probably send a few patches soon related to using USB joysticks that don't use 0,0 as the center point .. but i digress ;-)

I have a newish setup with:
- ultraDMX Micro USB
- APC40 control surfaces
- OPPSK 8 chan LED Par
- U'King Stage Lighting Moving head

The issue I am having is the PAR has a random sticking color, and it appears it's being sent by QLC+; and i can't find where it's being sent. If I exit the program, and come back.. things are back to normal. It takes a bit of time before I get the issue, and afterwords .. the channel will not return to minimum value no matter what I do. I tried using debug mode .. but there wasn't much of a useful log. I've included the fixture file and testing setup file I have, as well as a screenshot of the LED PAR when it's in this condition. I havnt' found a consistent way to reproduce this issue, however it generally happens when I have a solo frame setup with values, that modify normal frame fixtures. Any assistance much appreciated.

Also, is here a way to zero those values .. like a firm reset button? Blackout does clear them.. but they return when blackout clears.
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Re: Random Colors Stuck at Value

Post by vector » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:29 am

Very new to this but I have had this happen too.

I simply imported 2 generic RGB fixtures
Created red, green, blue scenes. Just like in the tutorial.
Caveat i did create and then go back and change address of one of the fixtures. ( I will play some more to see if this is part of the cause)
When switching the scenes sometimes the blue was left on on one of the fixtures....not just on the physical lights tho
Checking the Simple desk and the virtual monitor indicates that QLC does indeed want to send the sticky fader. ie the Blue is up when in Green scene.
I have an all off scene which is the only way to turn the blue off.. I can go to red scene, fine green scene fine, blue scene fine(When I say fine I mean the other colours turn off) but any scene after the blue and one of the fixtures blue remains on.

Saved workplace
closed QLC
Open QLC problem gone.

Edit(ok so I changed the address of one of the fixtures) Went thru the scenes and it stuck again.
closed QLC, reopened problem gone.
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Re: Random Colors Stuck at Value

Post by mlohrey » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:57 am

Tried to reproduce these errors but couldn't.

Using Mac OSX 10.12.4 and QLC+ 4.10.5a

sandinack, I noticed in your workspace that the UV button was outside the solo frame. Was this intentional?. Also, is will be easier to test for others if you include all the custom fixture definitions you are using.

vector, I switched through the scenes many times without any issue. I also created a solo frame (see attached workspace) and tested the scenes without issue. Can you make a screen cap video of the steps you are taking to see the error? That might help.
added some buttons to VC to test
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Re: Random Colors Stuck at Value

Post by vector » Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:08 pm

HI Mark,
3rd PC, windows this time, same problem.
Nothing to do with virtual console.
No hardware required.

Open QLC
New workspace
fixtures: Add two generic RGB, leave as default Addr 1 and 4.
Create channel groups , red, green, blue (this is not important, I tried it without groups same problem)
Functions: Create 3 scenes, Red,Blue,Green(tick the red and fader up ) apply similar to other scenes for blue, green.
virtual monitor: Add the two fixtures place middle of DMX view screen
functions: click red, green, blue and notice the two lights indeed show red, green, blue respectively.
(for the sake of simplicity end on blue, It does not matter which one you end on but thats the one that gets stuck after the next step)

So far all is as would be expected.
fixtures: click on fixture 2 and change address to say 33( I have not exhausted the possibility of numbers, but i have tried a few, all have the same effect)
functions:(recall Blue was the last scene we used) click green scene.
error: Notice the Blue led on fixture 2(the one we changed address is also still on as well as its green)
Verified in simple desk view and fixture monitor (and hardware lights).

Attached images: Functions showing all fixtures tab and green scene. Sdeskandmonitor showing the incorrect sticky blue fader is still up.

hope that helps.
Simple desk and virtual monitor is not
Green Scene setup is correct

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Re: Random Colors Stuck at Value

Post by mlohrey » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:24 am


I was able to reproduce this effect which occurs when you change the address of the fixture. It doesn't seem to matter what is selected at the time of the change.

It looks like that when you change the dmx address some channel values persist. Only the developers would know precisely what is going on here. Perhaps they may have a comment to add.

Simplest work around solutions seems to be to save and reopen the project after changing the fixture address or enable all channels on the fixtures you are using.



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