Yet another uDMX device with slow refresh

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Yet another uDMX device with slow refresh

Post by edoardo » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:56 pm

I bought a cheap "Freestyler USB to DMX512 Interface" on Aliexpress for about 12€ hoping to have a bit of fun with my lights.
It was recognized instantly by QLC+, but I still have the issue that many people reported here in this channel.
Despite editing the configuration to an higher or lower framerate (both general or dmx) the refresh rate is steadily under 2fps. This makes any fade incredibly choppy and fast scene/chasers can barely be seen in my fixtures.

Lsusb says:
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 16c0:05dc Van Ooijen Technische Informatica shared ID for use with libusb

And on the box it says "Mini USB to DMX512 Interface Adapter -uDMX (HK-WDMX03C)".

The only thing that sorta fixed the issue is changing the refresh to 16Hz, but that's still too slow to have decent fades.
Any help? Should I throw it away?

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