QLC+ Controlling disco show.

This is a place for sharing with the community the results you achieved with QLC+, as a sort of use case collection.
You can share photos, videos, personal hardware/software projects, interesting HOWTO that might help other users to achieve great results.
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QLC+ Controlling disco show.

Post by discojackers » Tue May 02, 2017 11:28 am

Just want to say thanks to the developers of this program. An absolute doddle to set up and use and we have managed to use our lights on our disco how they were meant to be. Got an old EPOS touch screen and extended the laptop desktop to produce a nice little easy to use controller. Thanks again! :)

We have 18 RGBW Pars, 3 Equinox 4 bank scanners, 2 Acme Impossibled

Got 10 LED Movers and 2 DMX controllable Lasers on order and looking forward to adding to the show!


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Re: QLC+ Controlling disco show.

Post by igorrobertifoc » Wed May 03, 2017 8:23 am

i shared my workspace, maybe can help you. There is some interessant thing beat intensity, prebuild scene and change on the fly, colors separated by "mouvment and intensity". .. Maybe can help you
My configuration is very easy 2 PAR and 4 moving head.

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