What you can achieve ... (after +5h)

This is a place for sharing with the community the results you achieved with QLC+, as a sort of use case collection.
You can share photos, videos, personal hardware/software projects, interesting HOWTO that might help other users to achieve great results.
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What you can achieve ... (after +5h)

Post by GGGss » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:26 pm


An Example of what you can achieve with QLC+
this is a timelapse of the production I did in November ... gopro on a stand, timelapse for my records, haven't had the courage to post it [rather dull]
But ! Since I was underway today I heard this song and I HAD to post this one to the community ... hear-hear

8 spots (Evora b2R) head
4 wash (ehhmm ...) head
1 hazer - doing it's best to fill the windy place
(12 led bars at the ground)

(and DMX venue-lights which did not respond to ANY command - luckily we found the fuses)

https://www.facebook.com/GGGss/videos/1 ... 503122010/

All electric machines work on smoke... when the smoke escape from machines... they don't work anymore

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