Community videos using QLC+

This is a place for sharing with the community the results you achieved with QLC+, as a sort of use case collection.
You can share photos, videos, personal hardware/software projects, interesting HOWTO that might help other users to achieve great results.
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Re: Community videos using QLC+

Post by chrissi » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:55 am

hi gmit,

can you share your scripts / settings with us? i own the behringer x-air 12 (xr12) and want to control it by qlc+
your solution looks great!
thanks, chris

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Re: Community videos using QLC+

Post by fguki » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:43 am

Hey McGeorge!

Where can I find fixture definitions for the MH5? :geek:


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andres robles
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Re: Community videos using QLC+

Post by andres robles » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:47 pm

demo discomovil:
desing on easyview 3d work on ubuntu 14.04
control dmx qlcplus 4.11.0 work on ubuntu 14.04
4 spot briteq 575sp
4 whas omarte leader 390
14 par led (8 elan par 64, 6 mark par 64)
1 cob blinder chinese produccion 32ch dmx
2 cob 650w
4 cob 500w
2 jbsystem led devil
1 fog machin antari jem
1 artnet enttec

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Re: Community videos using QLC+

Post by alexdeleonmusic » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:25 pm

Hello everyone!

My Dad and I have been using QLC+ for our corporate/wedding band lighting setup for a long time as well as our Halloween show, we just finally got around to taking a video of it. This is the first of 4 parts in the show.

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