Pink Floyd tribute with lights controlled by QLC+

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Pink Floyd tribute with lights controlled by QLC+

Post by mdmayfield » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:19 pm

Here's my band Run Like Hell using QLC+ (with some code customizations) to control our lights.

This was a lot of work but it turned out really well. At first I considered using QLC+'s Show feature to automate the lights, but decided against it because there would be times when songs would intentionally stop following a click track, and I would use a footswitch to proceed to the next section. QLC+'s Shows have a timeline that is separate from the DAW (containing the click, video, and sound effects), so Shows would not sync up with everything else.

Instead, I sequenced the light show in the DAW itself using a separate MIDI track per set of lights. For example, I made a Cue List for LED PAR Scenes and set it to listen for MIDI CC#1 on channel 1 from the ALSA Midi Through-0 device. In the DAW, I made a track for PARs which contains only the CC instructions which then get sent to QLC+.

In QLC+'s code, I customized the Cue List "Steps" functionality so that, instead of dividing the fader's range based on the number of steps in the contained Chaser, it would instead always jump to Step 1 when receiving a data byte of 1 on its assigned CC; jump to Step 2 when receiving a data byte of 2; Step 3 for 3; and so on, up to 127.

For our moving head lights, it was easy to set up aiming points in their own folder in the Scene Manager. During setup at each show, we work through about 25 Scenes, each of which only contains the Pan and Tilt information for various combinations of specific lights aiming at specific people. Then those Scenes are either called up on "aiming tracks" with CCs from the DAW, or included in QLC+ Collections when needed.

Many thanks to Massimo Callegari, Jano Svitok, and all the other developers for all their hard work on this software, and to the forum community for help over the past year which made this possible.


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Re: Pink Floyd tribute with lights controlled by QLC+

Post by siegmund » Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:21 am

This is a nice setup and it was a pleasure to watch the videos - very well done! :)

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Re: Pink Floyd tribute with lights controlled by QLC+

Post by Deece » Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:48 pm

Great to see the crazy diamond is still shining.
Floyd would be proud.
Thanks for sharing. Superb.

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