Renkforce GM107 70W RGBW LED moving head

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Renkforce GM107 70W RGBW LED moving head

Post by edogawa » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:44 am

One more chinese mini head, this device looks almost identical to the U'king 70W unit doughadfield posted a definition for.

It misses the DMX signal LED and shows the Renkforce Logo above the LCD panel.
The firmware obviously differs, it has less parameters and the modes have different channel counts and order (5 and 13 ch vs. 8 and 14 ch).

Doug's U'king seems to be better value for cash, I've seen it at 90 USD while I paid 170 EUR for mine... I just had to get one of these quickly from the store without much time to compare prices, and this one matched my needs in brightness, beam width and unit size :)

Anyway, I believe my definition is complete, it works well for me and of course passes the validator.

Greetings, Edgar
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