Equivalent to an "Inhibit sub"?

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Equivalent to an "Inhibit sub"?

Post by EricE » Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:00 pm

We are experimenting with replacing our ETC Expression 24/48 with QLC+

A very useful feature we have is a submaster that is programmed as an "inhibit sub". Normally it's at 100%, but as you pull it down, it overrides and pulls down all the channels associated with this.

Why not use a grand master and just pull it down? There are some lights we need to leave up - pathway lighting, background stage lighting so the room doesn't go completely dark, etc.

So another way to think of this is a selective grandmaster or a partial grandmaster or a grandmaster where I can exclude certain fixtures.

Is there any equivalent in QLC+? I've tried experimenting with a bunch of different things but so far I'm not finding the equivalent. The closest I have come is setting up a group in the simple console but that has some issues of it's own, and I don't think I can assign something in the simple console to a physical fader - such as a fader on the BCF2000?

Hopefully I'm overlooking something simple, or there is a non-simple way to do it but I just haven't stumbled on it yet.

Thanks in advance! 8-)

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Re: Equivalent to an "Inhibit sub"?

Post by GGGss » Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:13 pm

Did you try a slider in submaster-mode in a frame? All functions inside that frame will be influenced by this submaster...
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Re: Equivalent to an "Inhibit sub"?

Post by DESIGNFactory » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:45 pm

maybe make a LEVEL slider and check the dimmer values of the fixtures u want to ...
...that's what i do at least, when i wanna turn off certain groups of fixtures no matter what is playing at the time :)
(note: all your matrices, efx, scenes etc must have the "dimmer control" UNCHECKED for this to work)

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