Show Sequence - Lights Not Turning Off

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Show Sequence - Lights Not Turning Off

Post by HarveyMGB » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:31 pm

Hi All,

I've tried searching the forums, and looking through the program, for a solution to this one but I'm drawing blanks. I'm sure it's just me being a bit thick, but I'm stumped.

Basically, I have a sequence set up ready to use for a dance show; it requires ms precision to match the music and dance, so I'm working with the show manager. In that sequence, I have 12 RGB LED Parcans which provide the majority of the light.

My issue is that, when moving from one step in the sequence to the next, it will fade into the next step but won't fade out of the previous step. For instance, if my first step is all red, and I'm fading into an all green step, then after the fade I will have yellow lights. The green fades in fine, but the red remains, despite the next step of the sequence having red set to 0.

After three or four steps of the sequence, I usually end up with white light as each channel turns on but does not turn off.

It's similar to programming on a traditional desk with toggle fixtures; where, if you have 10 dimmers and move from a scene with 1-5 on to a scene with 6-10 on, you end up with all lights on because you didn't specifically set 1-5 to 0 in your second scene. The difference is, I have all my RGB channels enabled in every step, and still it won't return any light to 0.

If I can't find a solution to this, I will have to do what show sequences were designed to avoid and create every lighting state as a separate scene, then put those into a chaser.

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Re: Show Sequence - Lights Not Turning Off

Post by mitscherdinger » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:22 am

In my opinion, both sequences and the show manager are tricky to use in QLC+ - so I'm trying to avoid both, although espacially the show manager is such a great idea. I hope that this tool gets an overhaul in QLC+ 5 - would be a killer-feature if it would just work the way you expect to.

To your problem: Could it be that the sequences you use are overlapping in time? If they do, strange things can happen...
Another question: Do you use the latest version of QLC+? There was a change in sequences in 4.11 that could maybe have fixed your prob...


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Re: Show Sequence - Lights Not Turning Off

Post by mlohrey » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:58 am

Could you post you workspace? Might help to find a solution>

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