Pixel Coloring question, not matrix?

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Pixel Coloring question, not matrix?

Post by manfacro » Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:14 pm

Happy a thanksgiving all! I am using pixels on my tree this year, 400 on the in a 10x40 matrix. I do like the look of the RGB Matrix functions and have incorporated a few into a show.

The problem I’m having is I would like to select some stand alone looks by coloring pixels. Say every third is white, red, green. Is there a fast way to color a large number of fixtures/pixels without having to go in and manipulate the rgb sliders for each?

Some of the stand alone looks I have enjoyed in the past is strings of red/green on the tree. Or a string of multi color lights with a string of white on top. These are the things I’m trying to mimic if possible.


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Re: Pixel Coloring question, not matrix?

Post by janosvitok » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:37 pm

You may load an image to RGB matrix. Draw any image in your favorite editor, and load that.
If you create the image smaller than your matrix, it will be repeated to fill the area in both dimensions.
(for example, if you want all rows to be the same, just draw image one pixel high)

http://qlcplus.org/docs/rgbmatrixeditor.html pattern: image

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