Midi Input from Sequenzer (PC)

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Midi Input from Sequenzer (PC)

Post by volkeran » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:44 am


I can't trigger QLC with my sequenzer (logic).

If I choose a Midiinterface in QLC (Input/Output) nothing will happened.
My M-Audio Keyboard (USB-Input) works fine.

My Questions:

a) works only Midiinterfaces thats supportet (my ATM8 or Scarlett 6i6 are not in the list) ?

b) must have the Midiinterface a physical input?

I do 2 ways

1. I choose AMT8 - Channel 3 in qlc and sent in logic on AMT8 - channel 3

2. I choose AMT8 - Channel 3 in qlc and sent in Logic to AMT8 - channel 4 and plug a Midicabel from Out Channel 4 to Input in Channel 3.

But both ways don't work

Whats the way to trigger qlc from Sequenzer ?


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