How to integrating HID SpaceNavigator from 3Dconnexion?

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How to integrating HID SpaceNavigator from 3Dconnexion?

Post by phu » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:33 am

Hello all,

I was looking for a compact HID interface for adjusting my moving heads quickly during the show. For this use case I have found the SpaceNavigator for Notebooks from 3Dconnexion. It is a small compact device with 6 axes, designed for CAD software but it would fit perfectly for my need beside of Korg NanoKontrol2.

The SpaceNavigator itself works perfectly. Now I am trying to integrate this device without any success into QLC+. In Inputs/Outputs Mapping section I have three HID devices (1:, 2:, 3:) devices to select without any description and 4: which comes from Tetherscript. This is a special driver software mainly used in gaming which allows to configure individual curves for joystick movements.

After one after another assignent of this four HID input devices to the new Universe I can not see any input data coming in on Universe (small joystick picture does not appear). Due to no data coming in I can not create any profile for this device with Profile Wizard.

Could anybody integrate already SpaceNavigator or ControlMyJoystick into QLC+ or has anybody a good idea how to do this?

Hardware/Software configuration:
- SpaceNavigator for Notebooks from 3Dconnexion ( ... books.html)
- Windows 10 64-bit
- QLC+ 4.11.0
- 3DxWare 10 for Windows (64-bit) Version 10.5.4 (24.11.2017) (
- ControlMyJoystick (15.12.2017) ( ... -download/)

Thanks in advance for your help and best regards,

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