uDMX usb 2.0 usb 3.0

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uDMX usb 2.0 usb 3.0

Post by vormy » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:02 am

Have a UDMX device. The problem is that on my laptop with Windows 7 64bit when connected to USB 2.0 not working properly led par function strobe flashes much slower. in USB 3.0 is working properly

On the laptop with windows 10 will not work properly in any USB port

Tried to connect a udmx on UBUNTU, also does not work properly

Further, if you connect such transmitters to the device and the lamp, in any port, everything works correctly.

In the settings input/output
DMX Frame Frequency: 30Hz
System Timer Accuracy: Bad

Sometimes good, but still, isn't working properly.
Tried to add keys to the registry mastertimer and udmx? didn't help

The program freestyler on any system and on any USB port is working correctly, but I don't like freestyler. your program is much more interesting.

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Re: uDMX usb 2.0 usb 3.0

Post by dali01 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:36 pm

I'm experiencing the same kind of problems. And when I set my shutter to 0, the lights intermittently flickers.
Freestyler works, but that program is impossible to use.
Please help.

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