Audio trigger level with USB Audio device

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Audio trigger level with USB Audio device

Post by mschwinne » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:24 am

Dear all,

I have a small issue with the audio trigger. I'm using a Behringer X32 Rack as USB-Audio device to play back music from my PC which works great. The X32 Rack also does some processing on the music signal in order to get a nice trigger signal for QLC (mainly some dynamics and EQ). I'm also using the USB-Audio to send back the trigger signal to my PC. Sound level of the input looks fine in my Windows settings (Win10) but in QLC the level is very low (<10% even input is at limit) and I'm not able to adjust the level using the slider of the audio trigger widget. Unfortunately my Notebook doesn't have an analog audio input anymore so I have to use the USB-Audio solution. At the moment I have to use a second Notebook for running QLC but I would like to save space and set-up time.

Thanks for any advice and best regards,


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Re: Audio trigger level with USB Audio device

Post by siegmund » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:55 pm

Hey Michael,

all audio processing has to be done outside QLC+ (this has been discussed several times, you will find plenty of threads when searching the forum).
I'm pretty sure that there are some tools that can handle USB audio devices, too.


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