APC Mini

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APC Mini

Post by cas » Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:59 pm

Hello folks,

Must say I finally received my APC Mini today, and works well with QLC+, albeit on my Windows Laptop at the moment, can any one please advice if this will work on a single board computer as it says something about needs 2GB RAM to operate. As my ultimate goal is to build a custom DMX / Midi Console for my local community drama group, ideally with a small in build computer (Lubuntu ideally) and hopefully running 2 APC Mini's for the buttons and faders.

Also on another note, can any one please advice what the feedback numbers are for the LEDs for the Mini for buttons as I have got 5 and 2 in that order to highlight in Red and Green when pressed. but cant get yellow, or red flash.

Much Appreciated

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Re: APC Mini

Post by Neutrino » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:26 am

I used an APC mini last year on my very old Thinkpad T41 with 1,4GHz 32bit processor and only 1,5GB. QLC+ needs <20% CPU load under archlinux with KDE or maybe lxde(?).
For yellow it should works with the value "10" see here: http://qlcplus.org/docs/midiplugin.html#akai-feedbacks
maybe like on APC40 not every buttons (maybe some on the edge) has several colors..

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