[Resolved] OPEN STAGE CONTROL and QL Controller with IPAD

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[Resolved] OPEN STAGE CONTROL and QL Controller with IPAD

Post by Brouno » Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:56 am

Hello !

i found this soft : Open Stage Control
https://github.com/jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control - Le lien vers GitHub
http://osc.ammd.net/ - Le lien vers le site Web]

i think that it will be very exiting using this with QL controller, instead of TOUCH CONTROL ( not free )

But ... i m a very network's newbie and i don t understand how to set up it.

Someone could give me an help pliz ??

- Find my IP >> Ok
- Find the port for QL Controller >> Ok ( 9000 )
- Find the port for OSC >> Ok >> ( 8080 )

i started QLC next OSC and found a place to get the input port. i filled it in 9000.

OSC allows you to control your computer via Chrome or Chromium web navigator. When you click start on the OSC main page, you can see the adress where you can join the app by Web navigator.

i found the app on my ipad using chrome but i wasn't able to control something.

Bref, i'm really lost !!
Thank you

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