macOS Sierra DMXKING UltraDMX Micro not working

The issues found when using the Input/Output Manager panel
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macOS Sierra DMXKING UltraDMX Micro not working

Post by CalebGrayson » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:59 am

QLC+ 4.11.0
macOS 10.12.6
MBP 2017 TB 2.9GHz
ultraDMX Micro by DMXKing

i switched from a MBP 2012 to a 2017 TB and had no problems until i went to a gig and even though QLC+ recognized the uDMX and said everything was good i just got a constant green flash (stream error) and no signal to my lights.

today messing with it, i could get it to work by changing the Mode from Open Tx to Pro Rx/Tx.
i've never seen this config before as the uDMX has no In, only an Out and now i have both a DMX Pro Input and a DMX Pro Output in the mapping.
i just tick Output 1 and it work fine, but don't know what changed to make this happen..

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