Simple Desk - Does the Hold/Duration timer work?

The issues found when using the Simple Desk panel
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Simple Desk - Does the Hold/Duration timer work?

Post by ChrisSa » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:44 pm


I'm new to QLC+ so apologies if my questions seems very basic and the answers should be obvious.

I was considering using Simple Desk for a theatrical show, but found two problems that I think makes it impractical.

1. The duration times for each step cannot be set to allow automatic progress to the next step. It looks like you always have to use the Next button to get to the next step - which makes it very difficult for specific timed or fast lighting changes.

2. It does not look like you can select a particular cue and go straight to it. When I start a cue stack it always goes to step 1. Sometimes you need the flexibility to go to a cue out of sequence (e.g. an Actor decides to skip a few pages!).

I have now moved on to using the Virtual Console which does not have the same limitations, but still I think the Simple Desk would be very useful if you only have very limited time to prepare for a show. It looks like it could be a really fast and easy to use tool.

Am I right about these two apparent limitations to the Simple Desk?

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