Show timing bug (time on track and real time are different)

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Show timing bug (time on track and real time are different)

Post by CsCs » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:36 am

Soory for my English - ti is not very pretty.
I used QLC+ for home light shows. So i found interest bug in show time grid.
When we place some elements on time grid and tracks, real time differents from desied (which i set in object's properties).

Steps to produce bug:
1. Create a new show and at least one track.
2. Place something (scene, chase, audio, etc) on track.
3/ Drag & drop it to 0:0 time. In this moment QLC shows time on track as "0 ms".
4. Lock item on track.
5. Select item and press time button (with clock). We see start time 0:0:0.
6. Start drag locked item. We see tha item don't move on track (because it locked), but QLC shows time about "120 ms".
7. If we again look into items timing (by pressing button with clock) - the start time will be "0:0:0".
8. When we change track zoom and check real start time by try to drag item - we see that time changes! When zoom level set to maximum (zoom regulator moved to left), item's start on track time becomes "40 ms". When zoom set to minimum (zoom regulator moved to right), start time becomes "600 ms"!!

When we play show - QLC starts items (scenes, chases) on a real time that it shows on a track! And if we see start time as "600 ms" - item on show will be played with 600 ms delay. And when we change zoom - timing will change and all show timeline wiil be broken.

I tested it on two versions and different computers:
a) QLC+ 4.10.5b on a Windows XP
b) Downloaded week again QLC+ 4.11.0 on a different comuter win Windows 7.
In all versions this bug is present.

Maybe programmers shall store two different times in object on a track (inside code/class)? First - desired time by user. Second - caclutaled position on a track (with current zoom) in a graphic pixels? And when we change zoom - recalculate position of object in pixles?

Thank you. QLC+ is a great project, but this bug dissapointing me.
I use ArtNet/DMX converter (russian version lays here:
Here is the sample of test show. Timing in some parts flows because i used zoom =):
Zoom level
Bad items timing: time on track and in a time set window are different.

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