Crash - Adding Sequences to Show

The issues found when using the Show Manager panel
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Crash - Adding Sequences to Show

Post by Lennart » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:08 pm

Dear Massimo,

I recently started using QLC+.
Thank you for this great piece of software that really helped me to get into DMX!

While putting together some first shows I experienced crashes when adding sequences to tracks.
I could reproduce the issue on two different computers running Win7x64 and Win10x64 (with QLC+ version 4.11.1 from the 28.10.2017) in the following way:

1. Create new project
2. Create show
3. Add track
4. Add sequence to track (thereby generating the hidden scene and connecting the track to that scene)
5. Delete the sequence via the function manager (this will delete also the hidden scene, however the track is still bound to the deleted scene, i.e. in the saved project it keeps the SceneID)
6. Adding another sequence to the track will now result in a crash (I suppose it tries to do something with the deleted hidden scene here)

Adding more sequences in step 4 will result in the same result if all sqeuences are deleted in step 5.
When keeping at least 1 sequence everything works fine (as the hidden scene stays "alive" I guess).

I guess the issue could be resolved by removing the SceneID tag when the last sequence in a track is deleted (via the function manager).
Actually, when saving the project and closing QLC after step 5 (deleting the sequence), restarting QLC, openig the project and saving it again in the saved file the SceneID tag in the track is gone.
In this case I can add sequences to the track without a problem (and a new hidden scene is generated).


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