Error connecting multiple Midi devices

The issues found when using the Function Manager panel
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Error connecting multiple Midi devices

Post by antoinesend » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:56 am

Hello Guys,

i currently have a major problem using my APC Mini and LPD8 the same time. After a couple of triggered scenes during "live mode" one of the devices disconnects (wich one is random). My Apc is mapped on universe 1 my LPD8 on universe 2. I have to resart the program and reconnect the devices multiple times to get both input signals again. Sadly this only works for a coupple of seconds until i have to restart everything again . (And resarting the computer doesnt help either!)
What do i have to do, to use both controllers in a stable and relaiable way??

Thanks for your awnsers !
Greets from Germany

PS: Cuerrently using the newest version of qlc+ on win7 with an entec interface.

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