Fade-Out Time Ignored

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Re: Fade-Out Time Ignored

Post by mlohrey » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:01 am

Finally got a chance to play a bit more with this problem.

I have created a workspace that seems to show some inconsistencies as to how chasers are handling fades in the scenario of a light set to the same value in two sequential steps.

In the workspace, to keep it very simple, I created two different scenes containing the same single dimmer channel set to 100%.

I created two different chasers containing repetitions of these scenes and then used cuelists to try and help work out what was going on.

The results were quite mixed.

1. Using the linked faders in a cuelist produces the expected results. Success!
2. Stepping through the cuelist when hold is set to infinite shows no fade in or out. Fail!
3. Using a chaser with hold, duration and fade sets doesn't show expect cross fades. Fail!

I resorted to using two 'different' scenes as using the same scene was producing very strange results. I need to experiment more this one.
Single Light Cross Fades.qxw
Single Dimmer Channel
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Re: Fade-Out Time Ignored

Post by novadatalabs » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:15 pm

Good work! That's precisely the behavior I am seeing (and I can reproduce your observations using your .qxw file).

Note also that, if you run either of your chasers while the monitor window shows your fixture, it does ramp up when the first scene is played in either chaser. The two slider widgets make it look like the fixture goes immediately to full intensity, but that's not the case with the actual fixture. But, as with the example I provided earlier, once the fixture reaches full intensity, it stays there.

I tried looking at the code, but I admit it was more than I can handle right now. I appreciate you confirming this as unexpected behavior, and am grateful for your efforts in dealing with it.

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Re: Fade-Out Time Ignored

Post by kenact » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:30 am

I was playing with your workspace, and there may be an easy way around what you're trying to do. In your "L1 Alone" chaser, replace the second "L1 Full" with a blackout, 0 fade in, 0 fade out, 0 duration. That should do what you're expecting.

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