Bug in QLC+ 4.11.1 with sequences

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Bug in QLC+ 4.11.1 with sequences

Post by Wilts01 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:46 pm

I have got some strange behaviour with the sequencer function with the controls in the "Chaser Editor" window. In the attached workspace file are two sequences. The first one "Dawn" works as expected. If you manually switch through the steps, then they all work as designed. If you then click on the start button to run the Chaser then it all works.

However, with "Dusk" (which is a reversal of Dawn), it doesn't work correctly. If you manually click through the steps then they work. However it doesn't work with start button. The output just remains high and doesn't fade out. You don't need to lights to see this - the monitor window also shows this behaviour.

As another reference point, if I put the sequences into a Show, then they all work OK if I use the Show run button. However, if I use the start button to run the Chaser then it fails.

One further piece of debug information, if switch between design mode and operate mode, then the Chaser start button seems to work but only until you change the Sequence. Then you have to switch between design mode and operate mode again.

Hope this helps. I am running under OSX 10.12.6. It's not that urgent since I have a work around (i.e. switch between design and operate modes) but it certainly caused me to pull out some hair this morning!
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Re: Bug in QLC+ 4.11.1 with sequences

Post by novadatalabs » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:43 pm

I downloaded your file and reproduced the behavior you described. It appears you've added some fixture definitions, though, as I got some complaints about two of them missing when I opened it.

I'm wondering if the problem you are seeing is related to one I reported in another thread. Have a look and post if you think they're connected.

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