QLC+ - Bug in chaser timing

The issues found when using the Function Manager panel
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QLC+ - Bug in chaser timing

Post by lightuser » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:07 pm

While editing the timing of a chaser, I found a little bug.
1. When you set both fade in, fade out and common hold time to 'infinite', in the chaser overview you only see the infinite symbol in the 'fade in' and 'fade out' and 'duration' collumn, not in the 'hold collumn'.
2. When you unclick the infinite checkbox from 'fade in' and 'fade out' but you leave the infinite checkbox checked in the 'common hold' timing, all the timings are resetted to '0'. In the chaser overview, you can indeed see that all the collums now have '0ms' timing setting.
Only the "fade in' and 'fade out' collumn should have this timing setting. It's not only the labeling that is wrong, the chaser also behaves with '0ms' timing. When you uncheck the 'infinite" checkbox in the common hold timing and check it again, than the timings are correct again.

Demonstration in this video:


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