QLC+ 4.10.2 release

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QLC+ 4.10.2 release

Post by mcallegari » Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:38 pm

QLC+ 4.10.2 is a maintenance release delivering a wagon of fixes and improvements.
I'll try to highlight the major changes that you should be aware of. For the rest, please read carefully the extensive changelog.
  • QLC+ now supports USB devices hotplug ! Please use this carefully, especially when (un)plugging devices that are transmitting/receiving. For now MIDI, DMXUSB, HID and Peperoni take advantage of this mechanism.
  • Removed the intensity parameter from the EFX editor. This (and the next item) are an encouragement for you to design modular light shows, where QLC+ Functions should have a logical meaning depending on the channels they control. It didn't really make sense to control the intenisty channel from a Function specifically designed for positions.
  • A Virtual Console Slider in playback mode will ignore fade in/out times. Again, for more flexibility, we decided that a Function attached to a Slider should be manually faded in and out. If you need fade automations, then the usage of Buttons and a Slider in submaster mode is the solution you're looking for.
  • It is now possible to perform a DMX dump on an existing Scene. This can come handy when editing an existing workspace to adapt it to new needs or a different stage set.
  • Preliminary support for rotary encoders. In the Input Profile editor, there's a new channel type called "Encoder" which tells QLC+ to treat incoming values as relative. Since devices do not behave all in the same way, feedbacks are welcome here to improve this feature.
  • Added Fixture group preset to XYPad widget. This is pretty useful to reduce the number of XYPad widgets in your Virtual Console and to select just the fixtures you need to control.
Also, the fixtures number is stunningly increasing. Thanks to everyone who submitted new fixtures and to Robert Box, who is doing an amazing job in patiently reviewing definitions and creating new ones.

  • Engine: added support for devices hotplug (DMX USB, MIDI, HID, Peperoni)
  • Engine: Universe passthrough data is now merged with QLC+ output, it is not affected by QLC+ processing (except for blackout) and it appears in the DMX monitor (Jano Svitok)
  • Audio: fixed playback of 24/32 bit wave files and Show Manager waveform preview
  • DMX Dump: it is now possible to dump DMX values on an existing Scene
  • ClickAndGo Widgets: Preset widgets now display the channel name on top of the capability list (David Garyga)
  • Function Manager: fix startup Function not cleared when deleting it (David Garyga)
  • Function Manager: highlight current startup Function when opening the Function selection dialog (David Garyga)
  • Function Selection: Don't lose the current selection when changing the function type filter (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager: fixed looped functions never stopping with certain durations (Jano Svitok)
  • Show Manager: fixed copy/paste of an existing Chaser
  • Show Manager: fix crashes when copying a sequence on an empty track (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager: repair conflicting sequences when loading a broken workspace (David Garyga)
  • EFX Editor: removed the intensity control. Please use separate Scenes for that
  • Virtual Console/Slider: fixed copy of the channel monitor mode (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: in level mode, activate only in operate mode and don't hold forced LTP channels (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: in playback mode, ignore the fade in/fade out of the attached Function (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/XYPad: added Fixture Group preset, to control a subgroup of Fixtures (see documentation)
  • Virtual Console/XYPad Properties: fixture ranges can now be set in degrees, percentage or DMX values
  • Virtual Console/XYPad Properties: fix manual input selection for presets (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: improved mixed usage of crossfader and next/previous buttons (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: fix effect of a submaster slider on a Cue List in crossfader mode (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: fix crash when adding steps to the chaser being run by a Cue List (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: fix virtual console buttons triggering (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Input Selection: allow custom feedbacks only on an assigned source and don't crash (David Garyga)
  • DMX Monitor: Fix strobing in 2D view (Jano Svitok)
  • Fixture Editor: Fix crash in the Channel Editor (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/uDMX: added support for AVLdiy.cn clone (thanks to Vitalii Husach)
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: (Linux) fixed data transmission of DMX4ALL NanoDMX
  • Input Profiles: added an option for Buttons to always generate a press/release event
  • New input profile: Touch OSC Automat5
  • New input profile: Novation Launch Control (thanks to Giacomo Gorini)
  • Updated fixture: Stairville xBrick Full-Colour 16X3W (thanks to Rico Hansen)
  • Updated fixture: Stairville MH-100 Beam 36x3 LED (thanks to Antoni J. Canos)
  • Updated fixture: American DJ Revo 3 (thanks to David Pilato)
  • New fixture: American DJ Dotz Flood
  • New fixture: Chauvet COLORdash Par Quad-7
  • New fixtures: Robe ColorWash 1200E AT, American DJ Starburst, Chauvet LED PAR 64 Tri-B (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Cameo Multi Par 3, HQ Power VDPL110CC LED Tri Spot, Showtec LED Pixel Track Pro (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: American DJ: Inno Pocket Z4, On-X, WiFly EXR Dotz Par, WiFly EXR HEX5 IP, COB Cannon Wash Pearl (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: BoomTone DJ Sky bar 288 LED, BoomToneDJ Strob LED 18, BoomToneDJ Froggy LED RGBW (thanks to Didou)
  • New fixture: iSolution iMove 250W (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixture: Talent BL63 10" LED Bar (thanks to FooSchnickens)
  • New fixtures: Contest Oz-37x15QC, Evora DUO B2R, Evora Beam 5R, Evora Beam 15R (thanks to Jan Lachman)
  • New fixtures: Blizzard Lighting Lil G, Pixellicious, Lo-Pro CSI (thanks to Alton Olson)
  • New fixtures: Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5, Showtec Power Spot 9 Q6 Tour V1 (thanks to Samuel)
  • New fixture: Blizzard Lighting StormChaser (thanks to Brent)
  • New fixtures: Showtec Explorer 250 Pro MKII, Showtec Pixel Bar 12 (thanks to Henk de Gunst)
  • New fixture: Philips Selecon PLProfile1 MkII (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixture: PSL Strip Led RGB code K2014 (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • New fixture: Chauvet SlimPar Pro Tri (thank to Bulle)
  • New fixture: Chauvet GigBar IRC (thanks to JD-HP-DV7 and Jungle Jim)
  • New fixtures: Ghost Green 30, KOOLlight 3D RGB Laser, Mac Mah Mac FOG DMX (thanks to David Pilato)

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Posts: 1962
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Real Name: Massimo Callegari

4.10.2 Warning

Post by mcallegari » Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:52 pm

QLC+ 4.10.2 switched to a new way to load and save workspaces. Basically this brings 2 things:
  • a Qt library called QtXml is not needed anymore, reducing the QLC+ package size
  • XML tags of your qxw files are now always saved with the same order, thus allowing files to be scriptable or easily compared
This has been a huge change to the whole QLC+ code, and of course it has been tested with a number of different workspaces, even monster ones.

Unfortunately it is already happening for some users to experience missing parts of their workspaces, especially in the Virtual Console.
If that happens to you, then do not use 4.10.2 yet and don't overwrite your project !

Everything will be promptly fixed, just be patient with us. Thanks.

[UPDATE] Several issues have been found and fixed already. QLC+ packages have been updated to 4.10.2b.
Issues were on:
- external input association of Animation, XYPad and Speed Dial presets
- Simple Desk Cue speed parameters
- project loading through the web interface

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Re: QLC+ 4.10.2 release

Post by karrika » Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:33 am

I love the idea of built in support for rotary encoders.

Massimo, you are really doing amazing work with this software.

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