QLC+ 4.9.0 release

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QLC+ 4.9.0 release

Post by mcallegari » Sat Jun 27, 2015 1:27 pm

Here it is: version 4.9.0, the 30th release of the QLC+ project in just 2.5 years !
At first it wanted to be another bugfix release, and as you can see from the massive changelog, David continued his excellent activity of fixing and improving some misbehaviour of the UI and weaknesses of the engine.

Then there's been the chance to add some new features and the version became a new minor.

Here's a few notes to be considered for using this version:
  • QLC+ now saves plugins configuration into the project file, to give you more portability across platforms. This means that once you configure a plugin and save your project, QLC+ will read that configuration and not the global settings.
  • if you use OSC, ArtNet and E1.31, you might need to review your project IO setup
  • OSX user can now enjoy the support for HID joysticks/gamepads too !
  • Windows DMX USB freezes should be solved now. Please test again Stageprofi and the devices that gave issues in the past
  • The Windows build system has changed and the package now bundles Qt 5.4.2. You need to uninstall any previous version before installing 4.9.0
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, especially for 47 new fixtures !

  • Function Manager: Fix sequences sometimes loaded in the chaser folder (David Garyga)
  • RGBMatrix: Automatic "dimmer set to 100%" feature can be disabled (David Garyga)
  • Input Selection: Unpatched universes not considered as invalid anymore (David Garyga)
  • Input/Output tab: Fix Add Universe button adding wrong universe ID after loading a workspace (David Garyga)
  • Speed Dial & RGB Matrix & Chaser: improve tap precision (David Garyga)
  • Monitor: Fix various issues & crashes when loading a project while the Monitor is open (David Garyga)
  • Simple Desk: Fix deadlock when clicking the "Reset Universes" button (David Garyga)
  • Fixture Selection: Disable heads non pan/tilt capable in EFX and XYPad editors (David Garyga)
  • Function Live Edit: Fix crash when changing tab mode in Scene Editor (David Garyga)
  • Function Live Edit: Fix deadlock when toggling blind mode in Scene Editor (David Garyga)
  • VC Button: Allow to edit the fade out time of a stop-all-functions button with the text input (David Garyga)
  • VC Submaster: fix submaster level not taken into account right from project loading (David Garyga)
  • VC Submaster: fix chaser not taking submaster level into account (David Garyga)
  • VC Submaster: Cue Lists are now affected by Submaster faders (David Garyga)
  • VC SpeedDial: Fix copy (David Garyga)
  • VC SpeedDial: Allow linking the infinite checkbox to an external input (David Garyga)
  • VC CueList: Activate Start/Stop button feedback (David Garyga)
  • Chaser Editor: Fix string-to-speed conversion (David Garyga)
  • Chaser Editor: Fix erratic behavior when changing speed values (David Garyga)
  • Fixture Manager: RGB panels can now have RGB, BGR, BRG, GBR, GRB, or RGBW components
  • Engine: Overall improvement to reduce the CPU usage to detect and monitor universe changes
  • Engine: fixed DMX monitor misbehaviours
  • Engine: Fix RGBMatrix randomly starting with wrong direction (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix RGBMatrix never shutting off lights when fadeout > duration (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix functions contained in chaser or audiotrigger not stopped properly (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix collection not updating its running children intensity (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix random erratic channel behavior when flashing huge scenes (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix EFX "jumps" when changing the speed of a running EFX (David Garyga)
  • Engine: fixed wrong behaviour of intensity channels forced back to HTP (Jano Svitok)
  • Engine: Channel modifiers moved after the Grand Master to be the last part of the DMX values processing (Jano Svitok)
  • Plugins: plugins configuration is now saved into the project XML to give more more portability (applies to MIDI, OSC, ArtNet and E1.31)
  • Plugins/OSC: rewritten from scratch to support infinite inputs/outputs, the loopback device and the new parameters system
  • Plugins/ArtNet: it is now possible to set the output IP, the ArtNet universe and the trasnmission mode (see documentation)
  • Plugins/E1.31: it is now possible to set the output IP, the E1.31 universe and the transmission mode (see documentation)
  • Plugins/E1.31: fixed input from a multicast address
  • Plugins/HID: added support for DMXControl Projects e.V. Nodle U1 (thanks to Stefan Krupop)
  • Plugins/HID: added support for Joysticks/Joypads on OSX
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: fixed all the Windows freezes encountered before (Stageprofi, Enttec Pro input, etc..)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED SLS-QCL (thanks to Kripton)
  • New fixtures: Briteq COB PAR56 RGB, Briteq Pro Beamer Zoom, Briteq BT Theatre 100EC (thanks to Giacomo Gorini)
  • New fixture: Stairville AF-150 (thanks to Bastien Vide)
  • New fixture: Stairville LED PAR 64 Alu (thanks to Allan Rhynas)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet ColorBand Pix-M, Martin MAC 2000 Performance II, Chauvet LED Shadow, Venue THINPAR 64 (thank to Louis Gutenschwager)
  • New fixtures: Involight LED MH60S, ADJ Mega PAR Profile Plus, Robe Robin 100 LEDBeam, Eurolite TSL-100 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Elation Platinum Beam 5R, ADJ Starball LED DMX, Martin MAC Quantum Profile (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Elation Sniper 2R, ADJ Inno Scan LED, ADJ Inno Pocket Spot, ADJ Inno Pocket Wash, Chauvet Derby X (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet Q-Spot 250, Chauvet Double Derby X, Starway UrbanKolor, Starway Mode B (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Stairville MH-110 Wash, Eurolite LED TMH-6, Showtec Phantom 75 LED Spot V2 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet Circus, Eliminator Electro 86, ADJ Nucleus PRO (thanks to Peter Chave)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet Swarm 5 FX, Chauvet Techno Strobe 168 (thanks to Jack Logue)
  • New fixture: Laserworld ES 600B (thanks to Dingezz)
  • New fixture: American DJ H2O DMX PRO (thanks to Marty Badger)
  • New fixrure: SGM Idea Spot 250 (thanks to Adrian Kapka)
  • New fixture: Triton Blue Wally MH-20 (thanks to Jose Paris)
  • New fixture: Stairville JunoScan MKII (thanks to Alexander Grözinger)
  • New fixtures: LDDE SpectraConnecT5, Martin MAC600E (thanks to Edgar Aichinger)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Shocker 90 IRC QRG (thanks to Frédéric Combe)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Legend 412Z (thanks to Jean-Daniel Garcia)
  • New fixture: Chauvet CORE 3x3 (thanks to Ravi Radhakrishnan)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot (thanks to George Qualley)
  • New fixture: Equinox Gigabar (thanks to Justin Hornsby)
  • Fixture fix: Chauvet 4Bar (thanks to Jack Logue)
  • Fixture fix: Clay Paky Mini Scan HPE, Starway Axis 250 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • Fixture fix: High End Systems Xspot Xtreme (thank to Louis Gutenschwager)

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Re: QLC+ 4.9.0 release

Post by OddSocks » Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:09 pm

Thanks for all the work you guys have put in.

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Re: QLC+ 4.9.0 release

Post by mcallegari » Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:37 pm

Update: Windows package re-uploaded cause of a missing DLL. The new name is QLC+_4.9.0a.exe

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Re: QLC+ 4.9.0 release

Post by pipolino419 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:10 am

Congratulations for this great work. It's great to see the evolution of this project.
thank you again

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