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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.5.0 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:04 pm

This has been the toughest release I've ever done since I picked up the QLC project.
A lot of development has been done and there is not enough space here to describe all the new functionalities included in this version. So, here it is, a whole page dedicated to QLC+ 4.5.0.

In this occasion there are some special credits and notes to be mentioned:

* ENTTEC donated a DMX USB Pro Mk2 to the project. Many thanks !
* Chris Laurie donated a Raspberry Pi to the project. Many thanks !
This started a special task I picked up to run QLC+ on a very cheap/headless system and get the best out of it. I prepared a page where you can follow the progresses of this side project: The long way to the Pi
* The brand new web access feature is possible thanks to an awesome project called Mongoose. Once again this demonstrates the big potential of open source software and how the software industry is progressing.
* To shorten the development time I asked the permission to use a very nice widget called "Ctk Range slider". It's been granted by the Common Toolkit
team owned by Kitware Inc.. They release their open source code with the Apache 2.0 license, which is not compatible with the GPLv2 license adopted by QLC+. See next point.
* This release is the last version licensed under GPLv2. I am waiting the confirmation to switch to a newer license like GPLv3 or Apache 2.0. For now, this is a self-signed off exception to the GPL compatibility restrictions.
* I would like to renew my gratitude to the translation team, who is patiently following the evolution of this project
* Thanks also to all the users that reported issues, shared new ideas and experiments and those who submitted their fixtures


* NEW: Added multi-page support to Virtual Console frames
* NEW: DMX dump can now set a Scene on a Virtual Console button or slider
* NEW: Added Live Edit functionality to modify functions while in operate mode
* NEW: added Czech translation (thank to Jan Lachman)
* NEW: QLC+ GUI can be customized with an external CSS-like style file (see documentation)
* NEW: MIDI plugin can now receive Program Change and MIDI beat clock
* NEW: Audio triggers turned to a Virtual Console widget. No backward compatibility. Please update your projects.
* NEW: In Fixture Editor, it is now possible to copy/paste physical information
* NEW: "Stop all functions" now has 4 presets (1s, 5s, 10s, 30s) to fade out intensity channels before stopping
* NEW: It is now possible to set a working range window in Virtual Console XY Pads (all credits for the CTK range slider go to the Common Toolkit team)
* NEW: Audio input and output card can be selected from Input/Output panel
* EXPERIMENTAL: added web interface to run QLC+ on a headless system. Default port is 9999. Run QLC+ with '-w' option to enable web access.
* Cue List "Stop" input turned into "Playback", to handle start/stop of a cue with one key
* Improved Fixture Editor add mode channels procedure, to reduce fixture creation time
* Fixed channel groups remapping
* Updated Spanish translation (thank to Luis García-Tornel)
* Added Tap keyboard mapping to Speed Dial widget
* Fixed Show Manager viewport scaling considering audio tracks too
* Slider Matrix can now have a custom width
* Fixed VC slider external control when minimum value is not 0
* Fixed dutch translation preventing to load pictures on Fixture Editor
* Fixed Virtual Console knobs with Click & Go functionality
* Added fixtures: American DJ Fog Storm (with FS-DMXT Remote Timer), Stellar Labs LED PAR38 RGB (thanks to X)
* Added fixtures: American DJ Accu Spot Pro, Scanic Astute LED 108, Showtec Mini Max LED RGB, Showtec Phantom 250, lightmaXX LED MEGA PAR64 RGBW 18x8W (thanks to laserandi)
* Added fixture: Eliminator Lighting Electro MH25R (thanks to Travis Cook)
* Added fixtures: Geni OBY 5, Geni OBY 600, Griven Kolorado 2500, Coemar ProWash 250 LX (thanks to Goran)
* Added fixtures: Martin JEM ZR44, Briteq W07L12 (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
* Added fixture: Stairville LED BAR RGB 252 (thanks to Ralf Herold)
* Added fixture: Showtec Acrobat (thanks to OddSocks)

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