QLC+ 4.4.1 release

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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.4.1 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:25 pm

Summer is almost gone, so it's time for QLC+ to get back to work with a new version: 4.4.1 !
This is mainly a bugfix release, but, as usual, it doesn't miss the chance to bring some new juicy features for users to improve the live and editing workflow.
Most notable is the Fixture remapping functionality, which should deliver an important shortcut when facing several shows "on the road".
Another happy news is the introduction of the Dutch translation, for which all the credits go to Raymond.
Even though QLC+ is getting more and more feature rich, a lot is going on in the development area, so I would expect a 4.4.2 pretty soon, with some more interesting features.
As always I would like to thank all the users that properly reported issues, shared fixtures, did beta testing and that suggested useful improvements. I would really like QLC+ to keep this way and be designed around user needs, and not just an abstract development path.

* NEW: Added Fixture remapping functionality. It is possibile to perform 1-to-1 or 1-to-many remapping
* NEW: In Show Manager, tracks can be moved up or down
* SceneEditor improvement: when checking a channel group, fixtures are automatically added and channels enabled/disabled
* Fade out time is now considered out of a step duration
* Fixed crash when using knobs in percentage mode
* Fixed copy of a knob resulting in a slider again
* Fixed Audio Trigger Factory multiple enable issue
* Fixed most of the VC Cue List crossfade wrong behaviours
* VC Cue list intensity can now be set before playing
* Fixtures panel and Function Selection panel now remember their state (thanks to Jano Svitok)
* ArtNet plugin listens to broadcast address. This makes Enttec ODE to work also on Linux and Windows
* Fixtures groups are now saved when exporting fixtures lists
* Improved audio volume functionality
* Saved a lot of CPU usage during Show playback from the Show panel
* Click & Go RGB/CMY can now be set "live" when holding the mouse left button
* Improved OSC plugin to handle mixed data (like from PureData OSC)
* Fixed sequence incorrect start time when dragging it
* Added dutch translation (thanks to Raymond Van Laake)
* Added fixture: QTX SL Series (thanks to Tom Lincoln)
* Added fixture: Briteq BT W12L10 (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
* Added fixture: Chauvet COLORdash Batten (thanks to Kurt Malkames)
* Added fixture: Stairville SC-100 (thanks to Lars Kildholt)
* Added fixtures: Contest LedColor, Dune Lighting MOVLED60W (thanks to Nicolas K)
* Added fixtures: Lanta Fireball P64s, QTX SL [153.778], KAM LED PartyBar (thanks to Brian Ely)
* Added fixtures: Stairville MH X25, Stairville SF 1500, Pro-Lights LumiPAR18QPRO (thanks to Veljko Stankov)
* Added fixture: Stairville xBrick Full Colour (thanks to fintch)


QLC+ 4.4.1 release

Post by FactorFilms » Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:40 am

The mac .dmg is corrupted - won't mount giving the following error:
Screen%20Shot%202013-08-30%20at%2010.40.00%20AM.jpg (12.34 KiB) Viewed 2235 times

Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.4.1 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:02 am

ok, I'll reupload it tonight

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