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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.8.2 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:17 pm

Today the QLC+ project turns 2 years old. Happy birthday !

It's been another amazing year, full of new functionalities, improvements, regressions and fixes, happy and unhappy users.
What I enjoyed the most though it's been to see a constantly growing community always bringing new ideas and feedbacks, sharing their projects and using QLC+ in ways I could have never imagined.
So, a big **thank you** to eveyone that had a part in this genuine growth and I really hope this tendency will never stop in the future.
Special thanks also to David Garyga that in the last few months has given an impressive contribution to increase the quality of the QLC+ code, with optimizations, speed improvements and new features.
Thanks to the translations team, who works in the background but greatly help to provide QLC+ in your language.

So, what's the best occasion to celebrate other than a new QLC+ release ? Even if this is a maintenance version we took the chance to include some more big features in different areas, so consider this as a continuation of the new features set of the 4.8.0 version.

* A lot of work has been dedicated to the RGB Matrix function. Scripts API version 2 has been introduced to allow more control over RGB animations. A lot of version 1 scripts have been replaced with newer versions, so you might need to update your projects accordingly. In case, you can find the old scripts in a new GitHub repository created to host all the extra files for QLC+.
RGB Matrices have now a dedicated widget in the Virtual Console, called "Animation". It is meant to be the ultimate tool for live animations and it has been designed to be as much flexible as possible. Check the documentation to understand how to use it.
* This lot of work, allowed me to make a new video tutorial to show the whole potential of the new features. You can watch it on YouTube or in the tutorials page !
* Another new cool feature called "Virtual Console Live Edit" is now seeing the light ! For now it is considered as experimental, but some of you might find it already useful during a reharsal. Feedbacks are really welcome to finalize this functionality.
* The web interface CSS and JS code are now external files, so basically you can change them if you have particular customization needs
* Mac OSX users are now joining Windows users in the Qt5 switch. The new DMG bundle should work better on modern OSX versions (10.9 and 10.10) and it also turns the page on the audio input/output feature. Unfortunately videos are still not working well, but in the meantime you can experiment with them.
* Last but not least, the 400 Fixtures challenge has been abundantly reached as now we have a solid 412 fixtures in QLC+ ! Thanks to everyone really !

I've also started to fill a page with the QLC+ features with screenshots and descriptions. The features are so many so I'll try to continue this page in the spare time I have.


* NEW: Virtual Console: introduced new widget based on RGB Matrix to control animations (see documentation)
* NEW: RGB Matrix: introduced API version 2. It is now possible to define Script properties accessible from QLC+ (see documentation)
* NEW: Virtual Console: introducing EXPERIMENTAL Virtual Console live edit (thanks to David Garyga)
* RGB Matrix Editor: added a toggle button to preview circles or squares
* Virtual Console: improved Speed Dial layout and allow to set the visibility of each element of the widget
* Engine: improved perfomance of chaser loading and playback (thanks to David Garyga)
* Engine: improved loading of RGB Matrix scripts (thanks to David Garyga)
* Simple Desk: fixed crash on speed dial window open/close
* Chaser Editor: fixed editing cases when using infinite times (thanks to uchris)
* Input Profiles: added KORG nanoPAD2 profile (thanks to Daniel Åhr)
* Input Profiles: added Elation MIDIcon
* Input Profiles: MIDI messages can be entered directly
* Webaccess: improved UTF-8 and HTML5 conformance (thanks to Janosch Frank)
* Webaccess: fixed crash occurring on nested multipage/non-multipage frames
* ArtNet: fixed dmx output packet length (even number in the range 2-512), fixed input dmx packet parsing
* New fixtures: NJD Spectre, Chauvet Eclipse RGB, American DJ Dotz TPar, Abstract Twister 4, Pulse ECO LED PAR56 (thanks to Charles Oldham)
* New fixture: American DJ Galaxian Sky (thanks to Chicken)
* New fixtures: Cameo Strobe 3x3.5W, Cameo Strobe 6x10W, Stairville HL-x9 Quad Color Flood 9x8W (thanks to Janosch Frank)
* New fixture: American DJ Inno Pocket Scan (thanks to George Qualley)
* New fixture: Stairville LED PAR56 10MM-UV (thanks to Hadley Denton)
* New fixture: Eurolite LED SLS-180 RGB (thanks to Peter)
* New fixture: Futurelight PHW-260 (thanks to Alessandro Grechi)
* New fixture: Martin RUSH Par 1 RGBW (thanks to Russell)
* New fixture: Chauvet SlimPAR QUAD 12 IRC (thanks to Robert Box)
* New fixture: Cameo LED Colour Bar RGBA (CLBAR10RGBA) (thanks to René Brixel)
* New fixture: Showtec Led Air Cone Pro (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
* New fixture: American DJ Dotz Bar 1.4

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