QLC+ 4.3.2 release

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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.3.2 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:47 pm

4.3.2 version is here. As a maintenance release of the 4.3 series, this version still introduces new features such as OSC output/feedback, XY Pad Y-Axis inversion and feedbacks and much more.
The "hold" parameter has been introduced to Chaser steps and from now on it will take the place of duration when saving your project. So please backup you projects because once they are saved with 4.3.2 they won't work with previous versions anymore.
QLC+ 4.3.2 comes also with 25 new fixtures and 80 new gobos. Here, I would like to thank all the people that contributed by sharing them and I hope a lot more will come in the future.
A particular thank you goes also to users that believe in this project and made a donation.

* NEW: Added "Hold" parameter to Chaser steps, between FadeIn and FadeOut
* NEW: Added address tool to quickly preview a DIP switch configuration
* NEW: OSC plugin can now send data. Either output or feedback
* NEW: XY Pad Y-Axis inverted appearance option
* NEW: XY Pad now sends feedbacks
* Fade is no more applied to Pan, Tilt and Speed channels
* Fixture address overlapping is no more permitted
* Fixed copy of a Show. Now it copies also all the contents
* Fixed crash when clicking on a Chaser step when Scene Editor "all channels" view is active
* Fixed crash happening on Show playback
* Improved Show Manager opening speed
* Sequence items in Show Manager now highlight the selected Sequence step
* Fixed Show Manager vertical resize when adding a big number of tracks
* EFX improvememnts. Direction parameter is now taken into account (thanks to Jano Svitok)
* Virtual Console Button icons improvements (thanks to Jano Svitok)
* Virtual Console Frame new options: show/hide header, title font/color, set title with double click
* Improved binary address display in fixture information panel
* Added fixture: Eurolite LED Z-200 Beam effect (thank to Heiko Fanieng)
* Added fixtures: American DJ Vizi Beam 5R, Martin MAC 101 (thanks to Daniel Sevelt)
* Added fixture: Lanta Orion Link V2 (thanks to OddSocks)
* Added fixtures: Rosco I-Cue, Ledj Colour Storm Quad, Ledj Alu Quad PAR64 (thanks to Michael Clements)
* Added fixtures: American DJ Hypnotic RGB, Blizzard Lighting Puck Fab5, Blizzard Lighting Snowball (thanks to James Elliott)
* Added fixtures: Generic RGB, Robe Scan 575 XT, Robe Wash 575 XT, Robe Robin 600 LED Wash, Robe Robin 600E Beam, Robe Robin 600E Spot, Robe Robin 600E Wash (thanks to NiKoyes)
* Added fixture: High End Systems Studio Command 1200 (thanks to Tony Schuite)
* Added fixtures: High End Systems Technobeam, High End Systems Trackspot, High End Systems Xspot Xtreme, ReelEfx DF-50 (thanks to Louis Gutenschwager)
* Added fixtures: Mac Mah Mac Follow 1200, Proel Tarkus 575 Spot, Showtec Sunstrip Active (thanks to Julien Poilvilain)
* Improved fixture: Elation Platinum Spot 5R (thanks to George Qualley)

James Elliott

QLC+ 4.3.2 release

Post by James Elliott » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:47 pm

Wow! You got OSC output and feedback in there, I was *not* expecting that! I will have to play with that and TouchOSC as soon as I get a chance. I am heads-down preparing for my first club gig a week from tonight, though, so it will almost certainly have to wait until after that. But thank you!


QLC+ 4.3.2 release

Post by RODOLFO » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:38 am

Another thank to thanks to NiKoyes i use the Fixture Robe Robin 600 LED Wash really good

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