QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1

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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1

Post by Massimo Callegari » Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:12 pm

The time has come again for QLC+ to progress on a new minor release.
This version includes a lot of new features and some areas of the software required some major rework. One of them is the possibility to have an arbitrary number of universes.
For this and other reasons, this is a release candidate version. Depending on users feedbacks, this will turn into a stable release in a few weeks.
Some other major changes are:

* A dedicated dialog to create and setup RGB panels
* A brand new position tool for the Scene editor, and a few improvements to the XY Pad widget
* FX5 USB DMX and Windows joysticks support. The HID plugin has been renamed so it is necessary to uninstall any previous version of QLC+ to avoid conflicts
* EXPERIMENTAL: A preliminary 2D preview of the fixtures. For now it only supports the front view of RGB/CMY lights

As always I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this version with quality code, fixtures, translations, feedbacks and ideas.


* NEW: Input/Output: QLC+ now supports infinite universes
* NEW: Input/Output: added universe passthrough mode
* NEW: Plugins: ArtNet and E1.31 plugins support up to 65535 universes
* NEW: Fixture Manager: Added a dedicated dialog to quickly create RGB panels
* NEW: Monitor: preliminary support of 2D preview monitor
* NEW: RGBMatrix: added audio spectrum mode
* NEW: Simple Desk: added channel groups tab
* NEW: Plugins: Added SPI plugin (Linux only)
* NEW: Plugins: Added FX5 support on Windows & Linux (thanks to Florian Euchner)
* NEW: Plugins: Added Vince DMX512 USB adapter support (thanks to Jérôme Lebleu)
* NEW: Position Tool: XY Pad-like position setting in Scene editor (Jano Svitok)
* NEW: XY Pad shows pan/tilt coordinates (Jano Svitok)
* NEW: XY Pad keyboard controls: Shift+arrows - fine control, Ctrl+arrows - 10x speed, Ctrl+Shift+arrows - faster fine control (Jano Svitok)
* NEW: Fixture Manager: Fixtures channels can now be manually forced to HTP/LTP
* Function Selection: fixed OK button greyed out and various crashes
* MIDI plugin: Linux support for pitch wheel and note/channel aftertouch (Jano Svitok)
* MIDI plugin: improved pitch wheel and input/output settings (thanks to Robert Scheffler)
* Webaccess: fixed positioning of headerless frames
* Monitor: added combo box to select which universe to monitor
* Editors: fixed crashes when deleting running functions (thanks to plugz)
* Plugins: added HID joysticks support on Windows
* Documentation: Added Sound Control tutorial (Jano Svitok)
* Added input profile: BCF2000 in Mackie Control mode - all buttons are usable (Jano Svitok)
* Added input profile: Akai APC40 (thanks to Daniel Curry)
* Added fixtures: DTS Max FAR, DTS Nick NRG1201 (thanks to Vasily Leushin)
* Added fixture: AGPtek RGB 6ch Crystal Ball (thanks to Davey Daytona)
* Added fixture: American DJ Tribar Spot2 (thanks to Rob Goudriaan)
* Added fixture: iSolution iMove 5 Series (thanks to Dave Doyle)
* Added fixtures: Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350, Spot LED 250/350 (thanks to Robert Scheffler)
* Added fixtures: Alkalite Octopod DP-80, Eurolite LED DMX Pixel Tube 16 RGB (thanks to Ryan Gough)
* Added fixtures: Stairville Quad Par Profile RGBW 5x8W, Stairville DDS 405 (thanks to Nicolas Rasor)
* Added fixtures: American DJ P64 LED Plus, American DJ SP1500 MKII, Laserworld EL 200RGY, Botex DSP-405
* Added fixture: Showtec Quatro (thanks to Florian Euchner)
* Added fixtures: Chauvet SlimPAR 64, Chauvet Q-Spot 560-LED (thanks to Chris Laurie)
* Added fixture: Showtec Phantom 250 Wash (thanks to Cingulingu)


QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1

Post by hmschreiber » Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:49 am

absolut great, but I am missing the video playback. Is it not part of the next major release? Would be very, very fine to have it.

Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1

Post by Massimo Callegari » Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:40 am

Hi, the current version of QLC+ is based on Qt4.
The video feature is based on Qt5, but it's still not ready to be deployed, especially on OSX.

I've built a Windows snapshot for you. Please write in the right thread:
https://sourceforge.net/p/qlcplus/discu ... /08161283/


QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1

Post by Willy_Pinguino » Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:03 pm

by the way,
there is some news about the raspberry pi version of QLC+?
is possible to try something compiling QLC+ on raspi directly from git?
or is possible to found an image with QLC+ included?

Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1

Post by Massimo Callegari » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:13 am

Hello Willy. QLC+ is a free and open source software, so you can build it even on your microwave oven if you want (and if it works :) )
At the moment there is no official Raspberry Pi image.
I am working on it, but lately my time is limited. When it is ready I will make an announcement.
Since I am dedicating quite a lot of my time and effort to it, I will require a fair donation to have acess to the official Raspberry image.

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