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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.8.1 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:34 pm

An urgent update is needed to fix a couple of macro-bugs that unfortunately got into 4.8.0: Virtual Console Buttons background color on Windows and Show Manager Audio/Video playback.
This release includes also a few fixes of some issues raised in the last 10 days.


* Virtual Console: fixed Buttons background color on Windows
* Show Manager: fixed audio and video playback
* Show Manager: it is now possible to add an existing Chaser
* Plugins/HID: Fixed FX5 input not reaching 0 value (thanks to Babbsdrebbler)
* Fixture Editor: allow author name editing (Jano Svitok)
* Show Manager: allow to stretch or loop EFXs and RGB Matrices when changing the duration
* Virtual Console: fixed multipage frames cloning (thanks to David Garyga)
* New fixtures: Chauvet-Q-Beam-260-LED, Pro-Lights Omni Tri 9 (thanks to Peter)
* New fixtures: Chauvet 4Bar, Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo (thanks to Shikhir Arora)
* New fixtures: Stairville LED Flood Panel 7x3W, Clay Paky Alpha Wash 700 (thanks to Robert Scheffler)

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