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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.8.0 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:38 pm

After 2 months of hard work and important decisions, another milestone of the QLC+ project has been reached.
A few areas received major reworks and some others have been improved considering the forum feedbacks and users needs. To mention a few major changes:

* One thing that's always been missing in the Show Manager was the possibility to use existing Functions like EFX and RGB Matrix. This has been implemented, as well as a handy tool to adjust the items position and duration.
**Important note**: Once a project with Shows is saved with version 4.8.0, you can't go back to a previous QLC+ version. Unfortunately, the architectural changes didn't allow to preserve the backward compatibility.
* The DMX USB plugin has been reworked to allow much more IO flexibility even for future devices. This allowed to finally add the MIDI IO support to the ENTTEC PRO MK2 and a better support for simultaneous Input and Output on the PRO devices.
* Some Virtual Console areas received some love, especially the Speed Dial widget, that is now presented with a look more suitable for touchscreens.
Furthermore, Frames can now be enabled/disabled, so you can re-use external inputs on different frames.
* Multi page frames and QLC+ icons have arrived in the Web Access interface ! This is another little step on the long road to have a web interface looking exactly like the Virtual Console
* Version 4.8.0 is the first delivering Qt5 on Windows. We've been working for months on the Qt5 support, and the 5.3.2 version bundled in the Windows package seems to start fullfilling what we are used to have on Qt4.
Plus, Qt5 brings simultaneous audio playback and video support ! This allows QLC+ to be used as a standalone multimedia machine
So, why only on Windows ?

On OSX I haven't figured out yet how to create a working DMG bundle with Qt5.
As usual, everything on OSX is a nightmare, so it will take some more time to have something working. Anyone willing to help on this is very welcome
What is usually an advantage on Linux, in this case is a disadvantage. I am referring to dynamic libraries and distributions fragmentation. Even modern Linux distros (like Ubuntu 14.04 or Mint 17) are delivering Qt 5.2.1, which is not mature enough for what QLC+ requires.
We'll have to wait a bit more (Ubuntu 14.10 ?) to safely release a Qt5-based Debian package. In the meantime you can build QLC+ from sources, which is very easy on Linux even for non-developer people.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this release and who picked up the
400 Fixtures challenge.
Any further detail can be found in the following, juicy changelog.


* NEW: Added the support for Video playback (Windows only at the moment)
* NEW: Show Manager: it is now possible to add RGB Matrix and EFX functions to the timeline
* NEW: Show Manager: it is now possible to use a function several times in the timeline
* NEW: Show Manager: added a timing tool to set a Show item start position and total duration
* NEW: Virtual Console: Sliders in level mode can now represent the channels they control only if they have all the same value (EXPERIMENTAL)
* NEW: Virtual Console: Frames can now be enabled/disabled
* NEW: Input Profile Editor: a slider can now be set to behave in relative or absolute mode
* NEW: Monitor/2D: it is now possible to set a background picture for specific QLC+ Functions
* Monitor/2D: representation of pan/tilt is now made of circles. See documentation (Jano Svitok)
* Plugins/DMXUSB: fixed simultaneous Input/Output on Pro devices. Added MIDI IO support to Pro Mk2
* Plugins/ArtNet: revert universe ID numbering. QLC+ outputs data on [ArtNet universe]-1 (see documentation)
* Plugins/OSC: Fixed crash when trying to output data on a non-specified output address
* Plugins/DMXUSB: Fixed DMX4ALL Stageprofi MK2 freezing on Windows and malfunctioning
* Show Manager: fixed 4.7.4 regression on time cursor position
* Show Manager: show names in the drop down list are now sorted alphabetically (thanks to David Garyga)
* Simple Desk: channel groups are now correctly updated
* RGB Matrix Editor: fixed crashes when changing the matrix settings while test is running (thanks to David Garyga)
* Channel Modifiers: added 6 new Exponential/Logarithmic templates (thanks to Luis García-Tornel)
* Virtual Console: when going to operate mode, grab the focus to allow key combinations to work
* Virtual Console: widgets key bindings on multipage frames respond only to the active page
* Virtual Console: performances improvement when combining a Speed Dial with a Cue List (thanks to David Garyga)
* Virtual Console: Speed Dial restyle. Increased the Tap button size to be more usable on touchscreens
* Virtual Console: Speed Dial Tap button border blinks at the tapped speed
* Virtual Console: Do not consider the first Speed Dial tap as it is most likely unwanted
* UI: Fixed unwanted time values sent by speed dials under certain circumstances
* Web access: correctly render and handle multipage frames
* Web access: improved Cue List and Simple Desk look & feel
* Web access: fixed Simple Desk changes on universes other than the first
* Web access: added Simple Desk universe reset button
* New input profiles: Akai APCMini and Novation Launchpad (thanks to Maikel Boerebach)
* New fixture: ETC Desire D40 Vivid (thanks to Richard Manner)
* New fixtures: American DJ Ultra Hex Par3, Chauvet Intimidator Spot 400 IRC, BoomToneDJ Quattro Scan LED (thanks to Robert Scheffler)
* New fixture: Clay Paky Sharpy
* New fixture: ADJ Dekker LED (thanks to Chicken)
* New fixture: Img Stage Line Parl 73-RGB (thanks to Lukakiro)
* New fixtures: Eurolite TSL-200, Velleman Beam Driver 250, Laserworld CS-1000RGB (thanks to Rob Nieuwenhuizen)
* New fixture: Cameo Multi PAR 1 (thanks to Santiago Benejam Torres)
* New fixture: Stairville MH-100 Beam 36x3 LED (thanks to Jasper Zevering)
* New fixture: Stairville SC-X50 MKII (thanks to Johan Förberg)
* New fixture: Light Emotion LED Parbar (thanks to Dan Szabo)
* New fixture: American DJ Inno Pocket Roll (thanks to George Qualley)

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