QLC+ 4.7.4 release

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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.7.4 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:27 pm

Yet another maintenance release of the QLC+ 4.7 series. This includes some new minor features, the usual bugfix as well as the support for the DMX4ALL Nano DMX adapter (Linux only)

I take the opportunity to thank the DMX4ALL and the ElectroTAS team for providing a few USB adapters to be tested and integrated in QLC+.


* NEW: added support for DMX4ALL Nano DMX adapter (Linux only at the moment)
* Virtual Console: Solo Frames now handle Cue Lists and Sliders/Knobs in playback mode too
* UI: Fixed some crashes on Function Selection and Widget Selection windows (thanks to David Garyga)
* ClickAndGo: improved popup layout when a lot of presets need to be displayed
* Channels Configuration: it is now possible to unset a Channel Modifier
* Channels Configuration: fixed regression causing QLC+ to hang when forcing a channel to HTP
* Show Manager: added delete action to tracks context menu
* Show Manager: move cursor when the view is clicked even if the grid is not enabled
* Show Manager: it is now possible to lock/unlock items
* Audio Editor: it is now possible to select a specific audio card for playback
* Cue List widget: Added a progress bar showing the current running cue status
* Slider widget: when in submaster mode, restore the saved level
* Speed Dial widget: added time divisors in configuration panel (thanks to David Garyga)

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