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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.7.3 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:24 pm

QLC+ 4.7.3 is here, as the third maintenance release of the 4.7 series.
There are a few improvements on several areas and a few crashes have gone away.
Even though minor releases don't aim to introduce new features, version 4.7.3 brings two major things:

* A brand new Japanese translation thanks to Koichiro Saito
* Channels modifiers. A few of you requested them (and I needed them too) so I took the chance to implement it. They can be set from the Fixture Manager/Channel fade configuration button. Please refer to the QLC+ documentation to understand how they work.
Here's a screenshot of how the selector/editor looks like:

On the other hand, the finnish translation has been excluded from releases due to lack of maintenance
As usual, thanks also to everyone that submitted new fixtures, bugfixes and feedbacks.


* NEW: it is now possible to assign a modifier curve to a channel
* NEW: added Japanese translation (many thanks to Koichiro Saito)
* Engine: Fixed fallback IO mapping messing up plugins lines
* Engine: Fixed audio playback on non-default device working only once
* UI: Fix saving changes when: closing QLC+, opening file, creating new file
* VirtualConsole: fixed XY Pad tilt on universes other than 1
* Monitor: fixed crash when showing 2D preview of a fixture that has been removed
* Monitor: it is now possible to set a background image to the 2D preview
* Monitor: fixed fixture positioning through the Fixture Item Editor
* Fixture manager: fixed crash when deleting all groups/fixtures (thanks to David Garyga)
* Fixture Editor: fixed gobos paths saved on Windows
* Plugins/Peperoni: added preliminary input support (thanks to Jan Menzel)
* Webaccess: button state now correctly switch depending on the sent value
* New fixture: Beamz LCB-252, Cameo LED RGB PAR56 Can, Showtec Dynamic LED v3 (thanks to Sascha Büttner)
* New fixture: Monacor LSX-142SRGY, Kam Laserscan 1000 3D, Chauvet DMF-10, TSSS XL35, Kam Powercan TRI54W Slim (thanks to Robert Box)
* New fixture: Martin RoboColor-III (thanks to Boudewijn)
* New fixture: StageTech LeaderScan Roto (thanks to Noel Utter)

Sascha Büttner

QLC+ 4.7.3 release

Post by Sascha Büttner » Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:28 pm

Dear Massimo, thanks for the new release. Did you change anything in AUDIO for the OS X - Version?

Or is it just my freshly set up system? I freshly reinstalled my ancient early2009 Macbook with Yosemite DP2 and had the same unexpected shutdown of QLC plus when selecting the MacBooks Microphone for Input. That's no problem as I already "knew" it will and the setting for input will stick during the crash. So after restarting QLC+ the input is set to Microphone. But still no audio input for the triggers.

But when setting the microphone to 16bit/44kHz (default it's set to 24bit/48kHz) it works just as flawless as it did within windows.

So however. Thanks for your great work.


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