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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.6.1 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:25 pm

This is a maintenance release of QLC+ that aims to improve the stability of version 4.6.0. However, a couple of new features have been added this time as well:
- It is now possible to set a startup function for when QLC+ switches to operate mode. This completes the kiosk mode, so QLC+ can autonomously control lights "from scratch".
- The Virtual Console clock widget has been improved, so now it is possible to schedule a list of functions to be started at precise times of the day


* NEW: Function Manager: it is now possible to set a startup function that is started every time QLC+ switches to operate mode
* NEW: Clock widget can now be used to schedule a function startup
* VC Audio triggers: fixed divisors behaviour
* VC Slider: fixed submaster renaming
* Engine: restored timed fade out + stop all functions functionality
* Function selection dialog now looks like function manager (with categories and folders)
* Show Manager: do not add a Show on popup cancel
* Show Manager: when using an existing Scene as track create a sequence instead of a chaser
* Fixture Manager: add quick search bar on fixture add (suggested by NiKoyes)
* Engine: fixed Show playback not respecting fade times
* RGB Matrix: added a whole lot of new scripts (many thanks to Plugz)
* UI: added warning message when fixture definitions are not found during project loading
* VC XY Pad: fixed behavior for 8bit Pan/tilt fixtures (Jano Svitok, found by Cinguligu)
* Webaccess: fixed behaviour of buttons in solo frames
* Virtual Console: multipage frames input associations are now contextual
* Added input profile: KORG nano PAD (thanks to Alessandro Grechi)
* Added fixture: Showtec ZIPP LED DMX (thanks to Marek Pleva)
* Added fixture: Chauvet Circus 2.0 (thanks to Anthony King)
* Added fixture: Proel Analogue Dimmer 6Ch (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
* Added fixture: Ledj Tri LED back drop controller (thanks to Michael Clements)
* Added fixture: Eurolite PST 9W RGB (thanks to Joa Palmer)
* Added fixtures: Chauvet LED Techno Strobe RGB, Venue Scanner 4 (thanks to Davey Daytona)
* Added fixture: American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5 (thanks to DJ Drew)
* Added fixture: Pro-Lights LumiPAR 12Q (thanks to Alessandro Grechi)
* Added fixture: Stairville MH-X20 (thanks to Kristo)
* Added fixture: Showtec Indigo 4600 (Jano Svitok)

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