QLC+ 4.6.0 release

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Massimo Callegari

QLC+ 4.6.0 release

Post by Massimo Callegari » Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:22 pm

Yet another new version of QLC+ for your lighting Christmas holidays.
This time we focused on consolidating and improving what was introduced in the 4.5 series, but of course we didn't miss the chance to introduce some new major features, as well as some goodies.
I would like to highlight:

* Brand new E1.31 (sACN) input/output plugin
* Folders in the Function Manager
* Virtual Console submaster sliders
* Rewritten Function Wizard (to the professionals: don't be shy...you can use it too to speed up a project design :) )

A lot of work has been done also under the hood, keeping in mind that one of QLC+ goals is to run smoothly on a Raspberry Pi.
For this reason, the web access functionality can now be considered out of the experimental stage. (even though still perfectible)

I would like to thank (in random order):

* Jano Svitok for actively developing, reviewing, forum-ing in this project
* Michael Clements for reviewing the whole documentation
* OLA's father Simon Newton for submitting some patches that will allow QLC+ to run on the incoming 0.9 series.
* George Qualley for beta testing the folders feature
* The translations guys that promptly contributed with their precious changes

Stay tuned for more new exciting features that will keep on adding value to this continuosly evolving project !


* NEW: Plugins: Added E1.31 protocol input/output plugin
* NEW: Virtual Console: Sliders can now be used as submasters of a frame
* NEW: Function Manager: added folders with drag & drop functionality
* NEW: Function Wizard has been completely rewritten
* NEW: EFX Editor: added relative position settings (thanks to Jano Svitok)
* NEW: MIDI plugin: added the possibility to send a SysEx initialization message on an input or output line (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
* NEW: Added Audio fade in/out support (also in Show Manager)
* NEW: It is now possible to control RGB Matrices intensity
* NEW: RGB Matrices can now be converted to Sequences and imported into Shows
* NEW: It is now possible to control fixture heads in EFX and XY Pad (thanks to Jano Svitok)
* Virtual Console: fixed audio triggers incorrect loading
* Input/Output: improved audio device selection
* Audio Input: fixed crash occurring on Linux for unsupported audio devices
* Fixture Editor: set previously selected color when editing a color macro
* Fixture Remap: improved remapping of fixtures with of the same type
* Fixture Manager: refresh fixtures list when loading a project on startup
* RGB Matrix Editor: fixed crash when opening a project with the RGB Matrix editor open
* Package: Fixed installation of RGB scripts and Windows associations (thanks to Jano Svitok)
* Documentation: reviewed and turned into proper english (thanks to Michael Clements)
* Web access: improved to reflect the live situation of the Virtual Console
* Virtual Console: fixed widgets paste into a multipage frame
* Added fixtures: Pro-Lights LedPar 64363 RGB, Pro-Lights LumiPar 7QPro, Pro-Lights Strobo 1500DMX (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
* Added fixtures: Pro-Lights Explo 3000D, Pro-Lights LumiPar 18 Tri, Robe_ColorMix_240_AT (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
* Added fixtures: American DJ Mega Tri Par, Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash K5, Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash K10, Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash K20
* Added fixtures: American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED, American DJ Ultra Bar 6/9/12, American DJ Inno Color Beam Quad 7
* Added fixture: American DJ Inno Color Beam LED (thanks to Louis Gutenschwafe)
* Added fixtures: American DJ/Elation Event Bar LED, American DJ Micro Wash RGBW (thanks to George Qualley)

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