QLC+ 4.10.5 release

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QLC+ 4.10.5 release

Post by mcallegari » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:53 am

Here's another maintenance release of the QLC+ 4.10 family.
There's not much to say that the changelog below doesn't say but indeed 66 new fixtures is worth a big thank you to everyone who helped with their contribution.
During the last 6 months I've dedicated most of my efforts to the QLC+ 5 developments, including some "under the hood" changes to the engine to lay ground for a solid support of 6 different platforms.
I've piled up a lot of things to show, so expect a couple of update videos pretty soon, showing how QLC+ 5 is shaping up for the next generation lighting control.
Recently, I've also abandoned the web hosting service causing lot of disconnection issues and weird errors with the forum. I've moved everything to a new space that so far looks faster and more reliable. If you still experience issues, please let us know in the forums.

  • Engine: added indigo to fixture channel colors (thanks to Axel Metzke)
  • Engine: properly handle RGB Matrices with generic dimmers (Jano Svitok)
  • UI/Function Manager: fix crash when trying to clone a folder (David Garyga)
  • UI/RGB Matrix Editor: editor preview doesn't stop when testing the Function
  • UI/Collection Editor: allow multiple selection and added Function reordering buttons
  • UI/Remap: fixed universes list in target mapping
  • UI/Remap: fixed wrong Scene remapping when mixing cloned and new fixtures
  • UI/Remap: added remapping also of Fixture Groups
  • Virtual Console/Frame: Show page number when collapsed (thanks to Matthias Gubisch)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: allow to choose playback buttons layout (Play/Pause + Stop or Play/Stop + Pause)
  • Plugins/DMX USB: fixed crash happening on PRO devices when receiving a full universe
  • Plugins/DMX USB: [MacOS] fixed regression caused by the Qt libraries on PRO devices
  • Plugins/MIDI: [MacOS] added support for virtual ports, show only active devices and properly handle hotplug
  • Fixture Editor: fixed minimum value of a new capability not updating correctly
  • RGB Scripts: added One by one (Jano Svitok)
  • New fixtures: Pro-Lights LumiPIX 12Q, Proel PLLEDMLBG (thanks to Andrea Ugolini)
  • New fixtures: Stairville DCL Flat Par 18x4W CW/WW, Cameo LED MultiPAR CLM-PAR-COB1 (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixtures: High End Systems Studio Beam, lightmaXX EASY Wash 5IVE LED (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixture: iSolution iColor 4 (thanks to withlime)
  • New fixtures: ETC ColorSource Spot, Blizzard Lighting LB-Par Hex (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: American DJ: Chameleon QBar Pro,DJ Vizi Beam RXONE, XS 600, Focus Spot Three Z (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixture: JB-Lighting Varyscan P6, Cameo Wookie series, Cameo Hydrabeam series (thanks to Andres Robles)
  • New fixture: Chauvet RotoSphere LED (thanks to Carl Eisenbeis)
  • New fixture: Briteq Spectra 3D Laser (thanks to Robert Box + Freasy)
  • New fixture: Martin MH2 Wash (thanks to John Yiannikakis + Freasy)
  • New fixture: American DJ Flat Par Tri7X (thanks to Brian)
  • New fixtures: Ledj Stage Color 24, 59 7Q5 RGBW, 59 7Q5 RGBA (thanks to Paul Wilton)
  • New fixtures: American DJ: Inno Spot Elite, Stinger, Tri Phase (thanks to Piotr Nowik)
  • New fixtures: Showtec Phantom 95 LED Spot, Futurelight PHS-260 (thanks to Piotr Nowik)
  • New fixture: Blizzard Lighting Rocklite RGBAW (thanks to Larry Wall)
  • New fixture: American DJ Comscan LED (thanks to Chris)
  • New fixtures: PR Lighting XL 250/XL 700 Wash/XL 700 Spot, American DJ Accu Fog 1000 (thanks to István Király)
  • New fixtures: Equinox Ultra Scan LED, Kam Powercan84W, QTX HZ-3 (thanks to Chris Moses)
  • New fixture: Eurolite TMH-10 (thank to exmatrikulator)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED SLS 5 BCL, Robe Fog 1500 FT (thanks to Christian Hollbjär)
  • New fixture: SGM Giotto Spot 400 (thanks to Mihai Andrei)
  • New fixture: Pulse LEDBAR 320 (thanks to Allan Rhynas)
  • New fixture: Equinox Swing Batten (thanks to Dean Clough)
  • New fixture: Cameo Pixbar 600 PRO, Chauvet COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour (thanks to Andrew Hallmark)
  • New fixture: Involight FM900 DMX (thanks to Jászberény Szabolcs)
  • New fixture: Showtec Stage Blinder Series (thanks to Antoni J. Canós)
  • New fixture: MARQ Gamut PAR H7 (thanks to Lance Lyda)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet: SlimPAR QUV12 USB, SlimPAR PRO H USB, Scorpion Bar RG (thanks to Pete Mueller)
  • New fixture: Stairville CLB8 Compact LED PAR System (thanks to Detlef Fossan)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Cubix 2.0 (thanks to Jungle Jim)
  • New fixture: Showtec Giant XL LED (thanks to Samuel Hofmann)
  • New fixtures: SGM: Idea Beam 300, Idea Led Bar 100, Idea Spot 700, Newton 1200 (thanks to Oscar Cervesato)
  • New fixtures: Pro Lights LumiPAR18QTour, Elation SIXPAR 200IP (thanks to Oscar Cervesato)
  • New fixture: Stairville Beam Moving Head B5R, American DJ Flat Par TW12, Varytec Easy Scan XT Mini (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)

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Re: QLC+ 4.10.5 release

Post by siegmund » Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:29 am

mcallegari wrote:Recently, I've also abandoned the web hosting service causing lot of disconnection issues and weird errors with the forum. I've moved everything to a new space that so far looks faster and more reliable. If you still experience issues, please let us know in the forums.
Hi Massimo,

though the forum indeed was a bit buggy in the past I really appreciate the movement to the new service, which looks pretty stable.
Thank you and the whole team for your effort!


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