Solo Frame - Merge with normal frames and enhancements

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Solo Frame - Merge with normal frames and enhancements

Post by steveh » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:40 pm


I've been using QLC for occasional DJ parties. I've found the solo frame to be very useful.

My usecase:

The solo frame is configured for DJ lighting effects. A midi controller (Korg Nanopad) is connected, so when I press a button on the pad, the solo frame button is clicked, and the dance floor changes mode to new effect.

This works perfectly, except in the case that I press the same solo button twice. If pressed twice, then on the second press, the dance floor goes black (as no effects are selected).
To allow blackout, one could program one of the solo buttons to be blackout.

I've also noted the confusion among new users (myself included) between frames and solo frames. To me they seem very close in function and could possibly be merged.

Perhaps a single type of frame with options:
- Allow multiple widgets selected (yes/no)
- Enforce minimum of 1 widget selected (yes/no)
(If yes: Then define default widget to be activated when the software starts)



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